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The Elder Scrolls Online: How to start the High Isle Chapter

High Isle is finally here, giving Elder Scrolls Online fans plenty of new gear to collect, delves to explore, and mysteries to unravel. There’s also a new card game, Tales of Tribute, to spend time with when you’re not out slaying monsters. However, getting to this new content requires a few more steps than you’d expect. Here’s how to start the High Isle Chapter in ESO.




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What You Need

  • The Elder Scrolls Online base game

  • High Isle Chapter

ESO players engaged in combat in High Isle.

Purchase the chapter

Before you can access everything High Isle has to offer, you’ll first need to purchase the chapter. This step is pretty straightforward – just head over to your storefront of choice and purchase your copy of High Isle. A few different options are up for grabs, ranging from the standard chapter upgrade to exclusive digital content and past chapters (such as Blackwood and Greymoor). Here’s a closer look at all four versions of High Isle:

  • High Isle Upgrade: Includes the High Isle Chapter and nothing more.
  • High Isle Collector’s Edition Upgrade: Includes the High Isle Chapter and additional digital content (Amenos Ornaug Mount, Balfiera Senche Cub Pet, Ascendant Knight Outfit Style, Hoard of the Schemers Memento, High Isle Emote Pack).
  • High Isle Collection: Includes High Isle, Blackwood, Greymoor, Elsweyr, Summerset, and Morrowind chapters.
  • High Isle Collection CE: Includes all chapters listed above, all digital content listed above, and all digital content from previous Collector’s Editions.

Check out the Prologue

Whether you purchased High Isle or not, you can dive into a Prologue quest that’ll get you ready for the upcoming adventure. Here’s how to start the Prologue:

Step 1: Launch ESO and select your character.

Step 2: Open the Main menu and navigate to the Crown Store.

Step 3: Select the Quest starters tab.

Step 4: Select Ascending doubt, which is offered free to all adventurers.

Step 5: This will send you on your way to Jakarn and kick off the Prologue.

Characters standing on docks in Gonfalon Bay.

Start the High Isle Chapter

Once you purchase the High Isle Chapter, you’re free to explore your new content – regardless of whether you’ve finished the Prologue. Here’s how to get started:

Step 1: There are a few ways to get to High Isle, but the fastest is by using Wayshrines.

Step 2: Open your World map and make sure you’re on the Tamriel tab.

Step 3: Scroll to the far west and look for a small island. This is High Isle.

Step 4: Select the Waypoint to fast-travel to the location. Don’t worry — since you’ve purchased the chapter, you’ll have immediate access to this location without the need to first discover it. Depending on when you last fast-traveled, however, it will cost a bit of cash.

Step 5: Once you’ve been teleported to the Wayshrine, run down the steps and talk with Jakarn to get started with the High Isle quest.

Step 6: If you’re a brand-new player, ignore the above steps. Instead, you can simply choose High Isle as your starting location upon completion of the tutorial.

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