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Every PlayStation game you can play on PC

Besides Nintendo, PlayStation has been the most precious with keeping their exclusive games locked to their consoles of any console maker. All the way into the PS4’s lifecycle, it was all but assured that any exclusive title that came to that console would never appear on any other console. However, things started to shift when exclusivity deals Sony struck began to allow games coming to their console to also release on PC at the same time. This, along with Xbox making a major push with Game Pass Ultimate that brought nearly that entire library to PC, made many wonder if Sony would ever embrace the PC market.

Initially testing the waters with single releases, PlayStation has finally decided to make a bigger effort to bring their exclusive games to the PC storefront. With reports stating that Sony expects their PC revenue to increase by more than three times by 2023 alone, it’s safe to say that owning a PS5 won’t be the only way to play their amazing titles forever. That being said, they still have only just begun this process, leaving many games still locked to their hardware. For a full list of all the available PlayStation exclusives you can get on PC, plus the ones we know will be coming in the future, check out this comprehensive list.

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All PlayStation games available on PC

A still from Horizon Zero Dawn.
  • Beyond: Two Souls
  • Days Gone
  • Death Stranding
  • Detroit: Become Human
  • Disgaea
  • Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture
  • Flower
  • Guns Up!
  • God of War
  • Heavy Rain
  • Helldivers
  • Horizon Zero Dawn
  • Journey
  • Nioh
  • Nioh 2
  • Persona 4: Golden
  • Predator: Hunting Grounds
  • Street Fighter V
  • The Unfinished Swan

PlayStation games coming to PC

Spider-Man rests on the side of a building in Spider-Man Remastered.

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