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All missable characters in Fire Emblem Engage and how to get them

Each Fire Emblem game introduces a cast of characters you are able to recruit and bring into your army to battle with. Fire Emblem Engage doesn't have quite as deep of a social system as the previous entry, but still does have a handful of characters that you can miss out on recruiting if you don't know what to do. While the process of recruiting these units isn't complex, if you fail to do so at the right time and miss your chance, there's no going back to get them. To make sure you don't miss out on filling your team with every possible character, follow this guide on how to recruit every missable character in Fire Emblem Engage.

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Jean talking to Alear.

How to recruit Jean

The first character you might miss out on is the Martial Monk named Jean.

Step 1: Reach chapter 6.

Step 2: Begin the Paralogue: Budding Talent quest.

Step 3: Make sure Jean survives the mission.

Step 4: Speak to Jean with Alear after the battle to recruit him.

Anna saying she will be useful.

How to recruit Anna

Anna is an Axe Fighter and merchant who finds herself stuck in a jam.

Step 1: Reach chapter 7.

Step 2: Begin the Paralogue: Mysterious Merchant quest.

Step 3: Clear the enemies and speak to Anna inside the middle treasure chest.

Step 4: Make sure Anna survives the mission, and she will join your army.

Jade wondering if she'll find the prince.

How to recruit Jade

Jade is one missable unit you're not likely to miss by accident.

Step 1: Reach chapter 9.

Step 2: During the main mission, have either Alear or Diamant speak to Jade and finish the mission.

Seadall giving advice to act like a cat.

How to recruit Seadall

Seadall is a Dancer class who is a very powerful teammate to have.

Step 1: Reach chapter 15.

Step 2: During the mission, clear all the enemies on the field and then speak to Seadall with Alear.

Step 3: Seadall will join your group.

Lindon figuring out popcorn.

How to recruit Lindon

Lindon, the Sage, is probably the trickiest character to get on your team, so follow along to make sure you don't lose him.

Step 1: Reach chapter 18.

Step 2: Lindon will appear on the field as a hostile unit. Do not attack him. If you kill him, he's dead forever.

Step 3: Interact with Lindon as Alear to talk to him and recruit him to your cause.

Saphir talking about revenge.

How to recruit Saphir

The final unit to add is Saphir, the Warrior. Thankfully, she's another easy character to get.

Step 1: Reach chapter 19.

Step 2: Speak to Saphir with Alear to recruit her.

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