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Fortnite helicopters and Spy Games are here in update 12.20

Epic Games released Fortnite update 12.20 on Wednesday for all platforms. The major downloadable content update includes the long-awaited release of a new vehicle for battle royale, the start of a limited-time event, and changes to the island map. All of this expands season two in a significant way, giving players more to do.

Fortnite helicopters are here

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After teases at the launch of season 2, the helicopters are here now in Fortnite. Officially known as the Choppa, this vehicle is a five-seater that lets players take to the skies. This comes after the community was vocal about the lack of maneuverability in the game during last season.

The Choppa is located on helipads around the island in the five locations named for season 2: Agency, Shark, Yacht, Grotto, and Rig. Five players can jump in one helicopter, with a pilot and four players, the latter of which can shoot from the sides. Allowing for five players is surprising, given that the max for squads in Fortnite is currently four.

Unfortunately, players will find the Choppa only in noncompetitive modes. Game modes like Arena and tournaments will not feature the helicopters for now.

Spy Games event starts now

Fortnite kicks off the new Spy Games limited-time event in update 12.20, too. Players can access the computer in the main battle pass headquarters to pick between the Ghost and Shadow organizations. Picking a side will give you different perks to choose from like gaining shields over time, or a jetpack.

Players can use those abilities exclusively in the special Operation Dropzone game mode that features the two spy agencies battling it out. Player’s allegiances aren’t permanent, so feel free to see which ability tiers work best for you. The one downside to this event is that it is only open to players who own the season two battle pass, similar to the situation with the Deadpool skin.

If you don’t currently own the battle pass, you can purchase it for 950 V-Bucks, or just under $10.

Update 12.20 map changes

The first season two map changes post-launch released in update 12.20. The Rig is now significantly damaged and split in half. This changes some of the layout and affects players traveling between the two oil rigs.

In addition, the soccer field at Pleasant Park now hosts a helipad with Choppa spawn point.

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