Can you still unlock the Deadpool skin in Fortnite?

Fortnite season 2 debuted at the beginning of 2020 and was a collaboration between Epic Games and Marvel. After crossovers with Avengers and Star Wars, Fortnite teamed up with Marvel’s anti-hero Deadpool. Players were able to unlock an official skin themed after the crazy merc with a mouth by completing weekly challenges. Since the season has ended, many are still wondering if you’re able to gain access to the content from it, including the Deadpool skin.

Here, we’ll go into everything you’ll need to know about the Deadpool skin in Fortnite.

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Can you still unlock the Deadpool skin?

Unfortunately, no, you cannot gain access to the Deadpool skin in Fortnite anymore, due to the conclusion of chapter 2 season 2. With each season, the game features new challenges and themes, meaning the previous season and its contents go away. This is in attempts to keep things fresh and to ensure players keep checking back in.

Season 2 ran from February 20 to June 17, 2020, and included a large variety of features, including changes to the map, a new Battle Pass, new weapons, factions, and updates to the game’s menus. It was also the season that featured the historical Travis Scott concert, which millions of players attended. The length of season 2 was extended by Epic Games, due to the COVID pandemic, and was the longest season of Fortnite, overall.

To unlock the Deadpool skin, players had to complete this character’s weekly challenges, which required you to find a number of collectibles, like his shorts and pistols, and other tasks related to the anti-hero. You also had to buy the Battle Pass in order to partake in Deadpool’s challenges, much like the way it works in the game’s current season.

Throughout the duration of the season, each week featured two Deadpool challenges, and they were all fun and geared toward the character. One of the silliest challenges required you to find Deadpool’s plunger and to destroy toilets in a specific location. It’s clear Epic Games was paying tribute to the character, rather than slapping together general challenges you’d see elsewhere.

Upon completion of each weekly challenge, you’d unlock Deadpool-themed items, and eventually the character’s skin for use in-game. For example, you’d gain access to a banner, a couple of different sprays, Deadpool gear, a loading screen, and even multiple variations of the Deadpool costume. By completing challenges, you could gain access to the traditional red costume, an unmasked version, and the X-Force skin.

As it stands with Fortnite‘s season 4, the main focus is on Wolverine, who has his own set of challenges similar to Deadpool’s. It follows the same formula of completing challenges related to that character, with the eventual goal of unlocking his skin to use in-game.

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