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Next-gen version of Fortnite features 4K support, DualSense haptic feedback

Epic revealed new details on the next-generation version of Fortnite, which launches alongside the Xbox Series X and Series S and the PlayStation 5. The battle royale game will get visual enhancements, as well as console-specific features like haptic feedback.

The new version will support 4K resolutions on all consoles and run at 60 frames per second, even during split-screen multiplayer. Load times will be much shorter as well, reducing how long it takes players to jump into a match.

Various visual tweaks are included in the next-gen version, including a new storm effect and more dynamic environments. Epic’s blog post notes that grass and trees will respond to explosions in the new edition. The Xbox Series S will support “most” of the same enhancements available on the Series X.

The PlayStation 5 version is getting some extra bells and whistles. The game will support the DualSense’s haptic feedback, using the controller’s enhanced vibrations to simulate the rumble of weapons like SMGs. The adaptive triggers will also provide feedback when using ranged weapons.

Players can join lobbies directly from the PlayStation 5’s activity tab, allowing them to hop into solo, duos, and squads playlists straight from the console’s menu.

The new version supports cross-play with current generation consoles and allows players to carry over their current progress.

To celebrate the new release, Epic is giving all players a Throwback Axe, which was the default pickaxe in the game’s first chapter. Players can pick it up for free in all versions of the game starting on November 4 until January 21.

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