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Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 4 guide: All week 9 quests and how to complete them

As Fortnite Chapter 3 winds down, it’s time to start knocking out some of the game’s last-minute quests. As part of Season 4, week 9, new quests are available, and some of them are a bit tricky, especially if you aren’t an experienced player.

Thankfully, we’ve got everything you’ll need to know about completing the latest quests. These are the Season 4, week 9 challenges and how to complete them in Fortnite.

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Season 4, week 9 quests

  • Damage opponents with a Suppressed Submachine Gun (200)
  • Drive a vehicle into a Chrome Vortex and fly around it for 10 seconds (10)
  • Emote outside of Bao Bros’ bunker (1)
  • Glide 250 meters with the Grapple Glider in one shot (250)
  • Hunt a glowing loot animal (1)
  • Loot a legendary weapon from an eliminated player (1)
  • Use the Dial-A-Drop to call in a vehicle (1)

Season 4, week 9 quest guide

Damage opponents with a Suppressed Submachine Gun (200)

The Suppressed Submachine Gun in Fortnite.

This is a quest you’ll likely complete by playing naturally, but do make sure you prioritize picking up the Suppressed SMG, which is available as floor loot or from chests. For this, you need to deal 200 damage to either real players or AI enemies within a match. This challenge is cumulative, so you don’t need to deal all 200 damage in one match.

Drive a vehicle into a Chrome Vortex and fly around it for 10 seconds (10)

Chrome Vortexes are the large tornadoes found around the map. You can actually check their locations by looking on the map — as indicated by a tornado icon. Land close to a Chrome Vortex, and then keep your eyes peeled for a vehicle. There’s almost always a car somewhere around Chrome Crossroads, next to the gas station. Once you’ve got a vehicle, drive it into the Chrome Vortex and wait to be carried up. After 10 seconds, you’ll earn credit for completing this quest.

Emote outside of Bao Bros’ bunker (1)

Map of Loot Lake in Fortnite.

Bao Bros’ bunker is found on the east side of Loot Lake, just west of Chrome Crossroads. Use the map above for reference. Simply head to this location and use any emote at the bunker to complete this quest.

Glide 250 meters with the Grapple Glider in one shot (250)

The Grapple Glider is available as floor loot, from chests, and from Supply Drops, so there are plenty of ways to get your hands on them. Once you’ve found one, head to the top of an elevated location, such as Rave Cave or another high spot, and use the Grapple Glider to shoot yourself up in the air. Immediately deploy your Glider and then do your best to cover as much ground as possible. You need to glide 250 meters in one go, but you shouldn’t have much trouble with this if you jump from a high enough point.

Hunt a glowing loot animal (1)

Shooting at shark in Fortnite.

Around the map in random locations are glowing loot animals, which — as the name suggests — have glowing physical characteristics. These include chickens, boars, wolves, and crows. However, an easy way to guarantee you find a glowing loot animal is to hunt the shark at Loot Lake. This shark always spawns as a glowing loot animal, so all you need to do is defeat it to complete this quest.

Loot a legendary weapon from an eliminated player (1)

This quest is luck-based, but if you last to the end portion of a match, you’re much more likely to come across a player carrying a legendary weapon (remember, legendary weapons are orange). It’s best to perform this quest with a squad, so you’ve got some assistance when it comes to taking down foes. Simply pick up the dropped legendary weapon to earn credit for this quest.

Use the Dial-A-Drop to call in a vehicle (1)

The Dial-A-Drop in Fortnite.

The Dial-A-Drop was featured in a previous quest this season, but it was bugged, as the item wasn’t actually available in-game. Now it seems to have been fixed, and you can find a Dial-A-Drop from chests. It appears as a purple little radio, and when you utilize it, you can select a vehicle to spawn from the sky. Pick a vehicle, and you’ll complete his quest with ease (it’s the rightmost option).

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