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‘Fortnite’ collides with ‘PUBG’ in this amazing live-action short

While the battle royale genre is starting to fill out with games like The Darwin Project and, more recently, Radical Heights, it’s pretty clear that the debate will center around PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and the game it inspired, Fortnite, for quite some time. To celebrate the PUBG versus Fortnite battle, YouTuber Nukazooka created a live-action short movie pitting the two games against one another in a delightful mashup. It’s great. Really great.

The just over six-minute short captures what makes both of these games appealing while also poking fun at the more absurd aspects of each experience. It’s all in good fun, though.

For instance, in the early going, two “players” fight each other with frying pans PUBG style. Then they hear the Battle Bus and go to investigate. That’s when the short gets really interesting. Seeing the PUBG players gawk at the on-the-fly cover being built by Fortnite players is quite entertaining.

By far the most impressive aspect of the video is how stunningly it was put together. The editing is simply amazing. From picking up dropped loot to watching brick towers come together piece by piece, it’s a joy to watch in action.

We should probably warn you that there’s a fair amount of blood and gore. While both Fortnite and PUBG are rated T for Teen by the ESRB, this video has enough graphic content to up it to a mature rating. There’s no strong language, but if you have youngsters who enjoy these battle royale games, you may want to watch it first before showing it to them.

Despite the gore, the short winds up feeling like more of a comedy, which is fitting considering both games tend to have absurd moments. Even the most serious of PUBG players can admit that fighting to the death with frying pans is pretty ridiculous. And even in the short’s final showdown, it uses one of Fortnite‘s most baffling items (we won’t spoil it) to put a lighthearted spin on a tense moment.

We wouldn’t get too caught up in which game “wins” in the end, as even that question is used to provide another opportunity for levity. We certainly hope this isn’t the first PUBG versus Fortnite short we get from Nukazooka.

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