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Fortnite challenge guide: Destroy alien eggs

As part of Fortnite season 7, week 14, you’ll face a new batch of challenges that test your skills. For the most part, these new challenges aren’t terribly difficult, especially if you’ve played a lot this season. One that might cause a little trouble is for destroying alien eggs. The reason it’s tricky is that you need to know where to go. Even if you’ve played a lot this season, it’s easy to overlook these alien eggs during the heat of battle. This season has actually featured numerous alien egg/parasite challenges, so if you’ve been following along, you might already know what to do.

Either way, in this guide, we’ll show you everything you’ll need to know about completing the latest challenges. Here’s how to destroy alien eggs in Fortnite.

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Where to find eggs

Map of alien artifacts in Fortnite.

The key to this challenge is picking a location that isn’t often contested while still coming prepared. That way, you can focus on the task at hand without worrying about other players taking you out. There are several different spots that fit these criteria, such as the area to the south of Holly Hatchery or the spot to the north of Lazy Lake. We picked a busier area to complete this challenge, just to see how it would go, and it was still manageable, but lower-skilled players should try to avoid this.

You can find all the egg locations by using the map above (thanks, The main thing to know is that you must grab a weapon before approaching the eggs. That’s because they’ll attach to your head if you get too close, which negates the ability to complete this challenge. Since you need to destroy three eggs, it’s not a bad idea to pick a spot with a lot of them, so you don’t have to run around the map. We like Holly Hatchery, but keep in mind, this area is tough since there are deadly NPCs there. Though, if you’re quick, you can destroy three before being eliminated.

If you only manage to destroy some of the eggs, don’t panic. Your progress carries over from match to match, so you can just continue where you left off in a separate game.

How to destroy them

Destroying eggs in Fortnite.

As soon as you have the eggs in your sight, shoot them from afar to destroy them. It’s important you don’t get too close. If you don’t have a long-range weapon, search the area around you until you find one. Anything will do, such as an assault rifle, pistol, or SMG. Once you’ve destroyed three eggs, you’ll earn credit for completing the challenge, along with 30,000 XP. As long as you come prepared, you should be able to check this one off your list quickly.

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