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Fortnite challenge guide: Reach top speed in a Whiplash

The latest set of Fortnite challenges is live for season 7, week 7. As is typical, this list has a variety of objectives that range in difficulty — though the challenges are mostly straightforward, overall. Several of them involve using the Whiplash sports car, and the first one you’ll go for requires you to reach top speed in the vehicle. This isn’t too tricky to do, considering the vehicle is quite fast, but you need to be in the right spot to get it to work.

In this guide, we’ll show you where to find a Whiplash and how to complete the latest challenge. Here’s how to reach top speed in a Whiplash in Fortnite.

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Where to find a Whiplash

Map of all Whiplash locations in Fortnite.

The nice thing about the Whiplash challenges is that there are plenty of them around the map. As you can see in the map above (thanks,, there are numerous Whiplash vehicles to choose from, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding one. Having said that, there are a few things you should know about this challenge in particular, because it can be a little finicky.

You should aim to land at a Whiplash location that is close to a road that doesn’t have a lot of bends in it. Trying to drive off-road will result in a slower speed, so you’ll want to avoid that if possible. The other thing we recommend is to pick a Whiplash location that’s close to a garage — for instance, the spot west of Holly Hatchery. The reason for this is because garages have gas canisters, which you’ll want to use to fill up the Whiplash with gas. Many of the vehicles start with low gas levels, and depending on your driving skill, it might take a while to reach top speed (which will use more gas).

How to reach top speed in a Whiplash

Whiplash in a garage in Fortnite.

Once you’ve selected a location, land there, get all geared up, and if possible, fill the Whiplash with some extra gas if needed. At this point, take a look at the roads around the vehicle and make your way to the one that has the fewest bends in it. This will make it easier to reach top speed of 80mph. Just keep in mind, you should stick to the road since driving on the grass will reduce your speed significantly.

If you’re having trouble finding a straight road, you should check out the area just south of Believer Beach. While the road isn’t totally straight, it’s much easier to navigate than some of the others nearby. Keep driving forward until you reach 80mph and you’ll gain credit for completing the challenge.

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