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Fortnite challenge guide: Ignite enemy players or enemy player structures

The newest set of Fortnite challenges is here, this time for season 7, week 8. For the most part, these challenges shouldn’t cause you too much trouble, as long as you know where to go. Arguably the most difficult one of the week is for igniting enemy players or enemy player structures. The reason this one could cause some trouble is because that’s very situational — and it’s reliant on a little luck and skill.

Not to worry, as we’ve got all the tips for getting through this challenge as easily as possible. Here’s how to ignite enemy players or enemy player structures in Fortnite.

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Items needed to ignite players or structures

Gas canister in Fortnite.

There are several different ways to complete this challenge, but whichever option you choose, you’ll need at least one item. Some players opt to use gas canisters, others shoot the tanks at gas stations, and many use a simpler method.

Fireflies in Fortnite.

By far, the easiest way to complete this challenge is to utilize fireflies, which are found around the map. The best spot to find them is around Weeping Woods, as the fireflies tend to favor areas with trees. Explore this location, and you’re sure to come across at least a handful of fireflies. Then, collect as many as you’re comfortable with (you can hold six in one slot).

How to ignite players or structures

Igniting a player in Fortnite.

Once you’ve got your firefly jar, there are a couple of methods you can use to get through this challenge. The most straightforward way is to simply throw it at an enemy player. If you hit them with it, they’ll ignite immediately, giving you credit toward the challenge. However, this is easier said than done.

In total, you must ignite 15 players and/or structures to complete this objective. Alternatively, you can throw the firefly ahead of the player in hopes they’ll run into it. This is a little bit more practical, though it’s unpredictable since the player could be sporadic with their movements.

By far, the easiest method is to ignite structures. The more you explore, the higher your chances of finding enemy structures are. Especially toward the end of a match, players tend to rely on building structures a lot more, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to complete this one. If you play in Team Rumble, the later stages of a match will almost always be comprised of players creating massive structures that you can easily burn down, so save those fireflies towards the end!

You can mix and match for this challenge, as well. For instance, you don’t need to ignite only 15 players or only 15 structures. You can ignite seven players and eight structures to gain credit, as well. As long as you have 15 total, you’ll be able to finish the challenge.

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