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Fortnite season 8, week 10 challenge guide: Kakashi

Fortnite is known for its crossovers and this week, players can participate in a Questline given by Kakashi from the Naruto series. The challenges are in line with many of the others from this season in terms of difficulty, but some of them might cause some trouble, especially if you don’t play often.

In this guide, we’ll show you where to find Kakashi and how to complete all of the challenges associated with this NPC in Fortnite.

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Kakashi challenge list

Map of Kakashi in Fortnite.

Fort Jutsu Questline

To begin the Fort Jutsu Questline, make sure to visit Kakashi to the north of Misty Meadows across the lake with the little island in the middle. He’s located by the large rocks on the hill.

  • Scout UFO Crash Site (1)
  • Hit players with a Paper Bomb Kunai (3)
  • Build a structure after taking damage (1)
  • Place or destroy trap (1)
  • Tame wildlife with the Hunter’s Cloak (1)

Kakashi challenge guide

Scout UFO crash site (1)

Map of UFO crash sites in Fortnite.

There are six UFO crash sites in Fortnite during season 8. They appear on the map as orange and purple sections of land and — as the name suggests — have UFO parts scattered around. You’ll find one to the northeast of Holly Hedges, to the west of Weeping Woods, to the northeast of Misty Meadows, in between Corny Crops and Retail Row, south of Dirty Docks, and west of Pleasant Park for a total of six crash sites. Simply visit one to complete this challenge.

Hit players with a Paper Bomb Kunai (3)

Standing in front of Kakashi in Fortnite.

You can actually buy Paper Bomb Kunai from Kakashi for 150 gold bars, in addition to being able to find them around the world. For this challenge, you need to throw three Kunai at enemies. It can be an NPC and you can throw multiple Kunai at the same opponent. As long as three Kunai connect, you’ll earn credit for this one.

Build a structure after taking damage (1)

A wooden ramp in Fortnite.

For this one, build a ramp a couple of stories high and drop off to take fall damage. Then build another structure to complete this challenge.

Place or destroy trap (1)

Trap in Fortnite.

Traps are found in chests around the world, so be on the lookout for one and place it down as soon as you find one. Alternatively, you can simply destroy an enemy’s trap, which you’re likely to encounter towards the end of a match.

Tame wildlife with the Hunter’s Cloak (1)

Chasing a boar in Fortnite.

Finally, you should make a Hunter’s Cloak by combining two meat, or by purchasing it for 400 gold bars from Kakashi. Activate the Cloak and then approach a creature such as a wolf or boar, and you’ll be able to tame it and complete the challenge.

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