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Fortnite season 8, week 8 challenge guide: Search for jigsaw puzzle pieces

Get jiggy with it and find the jigsaw pieces with our Fortnite challenge guide

Fortnite Battle Royale heads into its eighth week of the pirate-filled season eight. While it’s been mostly lackluster in terms of challenges, especially last week’s, that is certainly set to change this week. There’s some pretty awesome challenges and many of them are unique or cool rifts on previous ones. One of the most difficult challenges this week tasks players with searching for Jigsaw pieces under bridges and in caves, and we’re going to break down just how to complete it.

Fortnite jigsaw puzzle pieces challenge

fortnite jigsaw puzzle pieces fortnite puzzle pieces fortnite week 8 challenges

This challenge is pretty vague in its description so it might be easy to find yourself lost with no idea of where to head to. It specifically notes to look for these puzzle pieces under bridges and in caves.

There are a lot of bridges and caves on the Battle Royale map but many of them are easily missed. Additionally, do all of them count towards this challenge? These unanswered questions can make completing this challenge tougher than it is. Last but not least, we need to find a total of seven jigsaw pieces to complete this challenge.

It could easily take you a couple of matches to do this, and while it is entirely possible to do it in one match, that’s going to be extremely hard to do. Thankfully, we’ve got some great tips for this challenge that will make it much easier and simpler to accomplish. Let’s get started.

Fortnite jigsaw puzzle pieces tips

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We recommend that you do this challenge in the Food Fight: Deep Fried limited time event mode or whichever big team mode is currently available when you do this. Unfortunately, it looks like Team Rumble is gone for now. Food Fight is great since there is a much smaller number of players and you are on two teams.

This gives you plenty of teammates to watch your back while fewer enemies that you have to worry about. In addition, there are respawns in this mode so you won’t need to worry if you die in the middle of your search. As the description for this challenge notes, you are going to want to look for bridges and caves on the map. Don’t waste your time searching in basements or anything like that.

The biggest tip that we can give you is to use the Party Assist feature. While that isn’t necessarily needed for this week’s other challenges, we highly recommend it for this one. That’s because it allows your squadmates to contribute to your challenge as well. If they find puzzle pieces on the map, it will count for you and them. This makes finding all seven much easier than it would be otherwise. Here are all of the locations that we recommend you visit for this challenge.

Fortnite bridge locations

fortnite jigsaw puzzle pieces fortnite puzzle pieces fortnite week 8 challenges

To kick things off, we are going to take a look at all of the bridge locations that you should visit while completing this challenge. One thing to note is that the majority of the bridges on the island go from east to west and vice versa. You won’t see too many going north to south. Also, the majority of the bridges are on the southern half of the map so it’s a good idea to head there and ride around, grabbing puzzle pieces as you go.

Here is our full list of all of the various bridges that you can head to with their specific locations:

  • Shifty Shafts bridge: Goes west to east and is located just southeast of Shifty Shafts
  • Lucky Landing bridge: Goes west to east and is located northwest of Lucky Landing. It goes over the big bridge.
  • Paradise Palms bridge: Goes left to east and is south of Paradise Palms in the desert.
  • Desert bridge: There is another bridge in the desert that bridges the gap between the grassy plains and desert. It is found to the northwest of Paradise Palms.

While there aren’t a ton of bridges, these are relatively easier to find since you can just look on your map and head there quickly. In addition, you only need to look underneath the bridges to find the puzzle pieces so it’s not much of a problem to have to search for them. There are many more cave areas where you can find these puzzle pieces.

Fortnite cave locations

fortnite jigsaw puzzle pieces fortnite puzzle pieces fortnite week 8 challenges

There are far more caves to search in for jigsaw puzzle pieces. This will be the bulk of your searching as it can be difficult to find these caves since they are mostly hidden from sight. But you’ll be happy to know that the majority of the caves are on the southern side of the map.

Here are a good number of the caves that you can find on the Battle Royale map:

  • Lazy Lagoon: This cave is just south of the main town and on the edge of it.
  • The pickaxe mine: The beloved pickaxe mine is southeast of The Block and has a cave section at the end where you can find a puzzle piece.
  • Fatal Fields: There are two main caves you can find just east of Fatal Fields and one cave that is to the north of the field.
  • Shifty Shafts: The entirety of Shifty Shafts is basically a cave so just search around here.
  • Tilted Towers: There is an underground area that is just on the northeastern edge of Tilted Towers.
  • Frosty Flights: You can find a cave to the southeast of Frosty Flights in the snowy biome.

Fortnite jigsaw puzzle pieces reward

fortnite jigsaw puzzle pieces fortnite puzzle pieces fortnite week 8 challenges

Your reward for finding a total of seven jigsaw puzzle pieces is receiving five battle stars. That isn’t a lot, especially considering how many pieces you have to find, but it is enough to guaranteed half a tier level up.

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