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Fortnite season 6, week 8 challenges: Dance with different fish trophies guide

Find a fish and get your boogie on with Fortnite's week 8 challenge

The Fortnite season six, week eight challenges have finally arrived for Battle Royale players across the world. Sadly, there are only a few weeks left for this season but that doesn’t mean Epic Games isn’t going to give us new and exciting challenges to complete. In fact, the biggest one this week tasks you with getting your dance on with different fish trophies.

This is the most exciting of the seven challenges this week, as some of the others are actually rehashes of previous ones. Regardless, the Fortnite fish trophy challenge is wholly unique and a lengthy one, too. We are going to give you a step by step guide on the various locations you need to visit in order to get your boogie on and finish this week eight Battle Royale challenge.

Fortnite fish trophy challenge explained

fortnite week 8 challenges: all fish trophy locations

As always, you can find the new weekly challenges by heading to the Battle Royale lobby screen and tabbing over to the Week 8 Challenges section. There are a total of seven this week per usual that include three for free players and four that are exclusive to Battle Pass owners. Thankfully, Epic Games has decided to allow free players to take on this challenge.

Since everyone is going to be able to do it, you want to be extra careful. We recommend that you complete the fish trophy challenge in 50 versus 50 mode, so you can avoid having too many enemies to worry about as you get your dance on.

The Fortnite fish trophy challenge is pretty simple. Similar to week one’s dance under different streetlights, all you have to do is find various fish trophies scattered around the Battle Royale map and dance with them. You will need to find a grand total of seven different fish trophies in different locations. That’s right, all of these spots are found in locations like Tilted Towers and Wailing Woods, so finding them won’t be too hard.

Fortnite fish trophy location: Wailing Woods

fortnite week 8 challenges: all fish trophy locations

Even though we only need to dance in front of seven fish trophies, there are actually much more than seven of them. We have found at least 11 of them thus far so there are certainly plenty of options to choose from. Unfortunately, it seems that not every named location in the game has a fish trophy there so this is where we come in so you don’t waste your time. Thankfully, there is a large group of the fish trophies that are in the eastern half of the Battle Royale map close to one another.

As such, we are going to start by heading to Wailing Woods. Land here and we will find the very first Fortnite fish trophy by the maze in the middle of the forest. You are going to want to head to the underground bunker underneath the maze and go all the way down the elevator shaft. From there you will go immediately to the right side and find the room where there are three of these fish trophies stacked. Simply do any jig you like there and they will respond accordingly, marking your first fish trophy completed.

Fortnite fish trophy location: Risky Reels

fortnite week 8 challenges: all fish trophy locations

From the middle of Wailing Woods, head north into Risky Reels. Once there, go to the main office building that is located to the north of the big outdoor movie screen. You aren’t looking for the house or barns that are nearby but the main two-story building.

After you get inside, you are going to head to the left and go to the very back of the building to find the next Fortnite fish trophy there. All you need to do is once again dance in front of it and you will be good to go for the next one on the list.

Fortnite fish trophy location: Lonely Lodge

fortnite week 8 challenges: all fish trophy locations

Next, we are going to head quite a bit southeast to Lonely Lodge. Once you arrive, head to the northern side of it. We are looking for a large cabin that is on the northern side. It is the largest of the lodges here (minus the tower lodge in the middle) so it’s easy to find. Once inside, you can easily find fish trophies all around the cabin creepily. Dance in front of one of them and you’ll be good to go.

Fortnite fish trophy location: Retail Row

fortnite week 8 challenges: all fish trophy locations

If you’re still in the same match, travel southwest from Lonely Lodge. The spot we’re headed to is Retail Row. When you enter the town, head to the east side of it. There are a couple of large businesses here. Find the northernmost building on the east side of the town.

There is a huge (and we mean huge) Fortnite fish trophy that is found right on the front of the store. It is extremely hard to miss considering how big it is. Dance in front of it and be prepared to be terrified as it dances and sings, too.

Fortnite fish trophy location: Dusty Divot

fortnite week 8 challenges: all fish trophy locations

This next one requires a little bit of searching as the area is chock full of warehouses and buildings that it can be really easy to miss. You aren’t actually going to want to head into the Dusty Divot crater itself but the warehouses, offices, and stores located just to the north of it on the edge of the crater. Head to the northern side of this area.

The building you’re looking for is a general store/office-looking place that is much smaller compared to the warehouses in size. Enter this building using the entrance where you are facing south. Once inside, look for the bathroom inside the store. In the bathroom, you will find this next Fortnite fish trophy located right there on the wall. Dance in front of it and you’re good to go.

Fortnite fish trophy location: Lazy Links

fortnite week 8 challenges: all fish trophy locations

For these last two, we’re going to head away from the rest of the other Fortnite fish trophy locations. The first of the final two is found in Lazy Links. Head to the little store that is found on the western side of Lazy Links. We aren’t going to the resort building itself but the small one that is easily missed right next to it.

This little building is a gift shop and where we will find the next trophy. It’s located just behind the store counter on the wall. Pick your favorite dance move and put on a show to complete the sixth step in the fish trophy challenge. With only one more to go, we are going to travel pretty far to the southwest from here.

Fortnite fish trophy location: Tilted Towers

fortnite week 8 challenges: all fish trophy locations

The seventh and final Fortnite fish trophy location is found to the southwest in Tilted Towers. This one is pretty easy to miss considering how confusing it is to find and how large the city of Tilted Towers is. Travel towards the middle of the city where the destroyed skyscraper is located and then into its remains.

Go ahead and jump down to the first floor of the demolished building. From here, look for the staircase that is still somehow left standing. Go up to the second floor and follow the walkway around the corner until you reach a dead end. This final Fortnite fish trophy is sadly lying there on the floor alone. Do one more dance and you’ll be finished with this challenge.

All other Fortnite fish trophy locations

fortnite week 8 challenges: all fish trophy locations

Just in case you’re curious about the other spots you can head to for this challenge or find yourself in a different part of the map, you can find more Fortnite fish trophy locations below:

  • Fatal Fields: Head into the house here and you can find it on the first floor above the chimney
  • Greasy Grove: You are going to want to find the nature store in town and look for the trophy near the store counter
  • Snobby Shores: You are going to want to head to the basement of the southernmost house here and you’ll find the trophy above the couch there
  • Junk Junction: Head into the main warehouse building here and you’ll find this final Fortnite fish trophy above the mattress on the first floor

Check out our hub for more Fortnite challenge guides.

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