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Where to find Jaegar’s family basement in Fortnite

Attack on Titan is taking over Fortnite right now, bringing a collection of brand-new skins, weapons, and more from the hit anime. Among these is the Eren Jaegar skin, which requires you to own the premium battle pass and then complete a handful of quests to unlock. One of those quests is finding Jaegar’s family basement, and unfortunately, it’s not marked on the map to make things easy for you. Don’t worry, however, as we’ve got the exact location for you here.

Where to find Jaegar’s family basement

Jaegar’s family basement is located in Anvil Square, which you’ll find nearly centered on this season’s map. As you’re landing at Anvil Square, aim to do so at the most southeastern house. You may want to head inside the house quickly and find a weapon if you see that you’ve got a lot of company, but when you’re ready to head to the basement, read on.

map showing Jaegar's family basement location
Image used with permission by copyright holder

On the eastern side of the house is an awning that you can pass under, and you’ll notice a path underneath that leads down toward a door. Head down and open the door there to find Jaegar’s family basement. Again, just be prepared that your opponents may be trying to access the same area for the quest, too.

A house containing Jaegar's family basement
Image used with permission by copyright holder

You’ll immediately receive the completion of the quest to find the basement upon opening the door, meaning you’re also one step closer to earning your Eren Jaegar skin. And hey, while you’re down in the basement, make sure you pop open the Scout Regiment Footlocker there to grab one of the new Attack on Titan weapons.

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