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How to get Wildguard Relik’s Cloak Gauntlets and MK-Alpha Assault Rifle in Fortnite

There’s someone new prowling around Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 3’s jungle biome and he’s ready to take you on. But defeating him can pose a bit of a challenge if you show up unprepared. While this season didn’t launch with a boss, Epic has ensured that the introduction of Wildguard Relik more than makes up for it, as this foe can teleport around and cause quite a lot of havoc for anyone who faces him in battle. In this guide, we’ll give you all of the information you need to find and fight this opponent, as well as share with you his immensely useful item drops. Let’s dive in.

Wildguard Relik location

Chapter 4 Season 3 map showing the location of Wildguard Relik
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Wildguard Relik can be found wandering in and around Rumble Ruins, a new point of interest (POI) introduced in Chapter 4, Season 3. This location can be found just left of the center of the map, which already makes it a popular spot for anyone looking for some early-game showdowns, but with the addition of a fresh boss to fight, you can be all but certain that there’s going to be a lot of activity here almost every match. As such, be sure you land and grab a gun quickly to fend off any foes who may be looking to score the kill on Wildguard Relik before you can. When you’re ready to take on the boss, check our tips below.

Wildguard Relik tips

Like most bosses in Fortnite, Wildguard Relik is sporting pretty massive shield and health bars, making him a particularly challenging opponent to beat, especially if you come unprepared. Because of this, it’s highly recommended that you only challenge him after you’ve topped off your shields, picked up at least two decent weapons, and gathered a good bit of ammo. Having some healing items helps too, as you may take some substantial damage in this fight if you find yourself in close quarters with the boss.

When you’re ready to take on Wildguard Relik, start whittling away at his shield with your strongest weapon. Staying around medium range is preferable in most cases, as he hits pretty hard up-close. You may have a bit more trouble hitting him with some weapons at longer ranges – though a DMR can certainly be very useful if you do want to keep your distance. Take note that he’ll teleport around the area frequently and cloak himself, meaning you’ll need to pay extra attention to where he’s moving at all times. Lastly, be sure you look out for the Wildwasp Jars he throws at you, as these can rack up some additional damage if you’re not careful.

Wildguard Relik item and weapon drops

Relik's MK-Assault Rifle on the floor
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Once you’ve defeated Wildguard Relik, he’ll drop some extremely useful items for you to pick up. In addition to some random healing items, you’ll be able to score two Mythic items: Wildguard Relik’s Cloak Gauntlets and Relik’s MK-Alpha Assault Rifle. The former is a special version of the standard Cloak Gauntlets that sports a longer invisibility time upon use and a drastically reduced cooldown of 20 seconds instead of 30. Meanwhile, the latter is a more powerful version of this season’s newest assault rifle that sports a red dot sight and can dish out some significant damage. Both of these items are only available after defeating Wildguard Relik, so picking them up will make you the only person in the match with them equipped.

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