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How to get the Fallout Vault Suit in Ghostwire: Tokyo

Even though Ghostwire: Tokyo is a first-person game, it does have a decent amount of customization options for Akito. Specifically, there are plenty of new outfits you can dress up your ghost hunter in for a fresh style while strutting down the streets of Tokyo. It’s just a shame that the only ones around to appreciate it will be the yokai who want nothing more than to see you dead. What’s even better, though, is when you get your hands on an outfit that references a completely different franchise. Tengo Gameworks was always a part of Bethesda, meaning there are tons of other games and series it could pay tribute to with an outfit, and yet it picked just one.

It might seem like an odd fit, but Ghostwire: Tokyo chose to include one secret outfit that pays tribute to the massively popular Fallout series. It doesn’t even try to hide it, either, with the outfit just being called “Fallout 4 Vault Suit” and being a perfect replica of the classic blue and gold jumpsuit, with the iconic 111 logo printed on the back. While the map isn’t the largest one you’ll explore, especially compared to the likes of a Fallout, it is very dense with activities and secrets. If you want to dress up as a survivor of a completely different apocalypse, here’s where you can grab the Fallout Vault Suit in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

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How to get the Fallout 4 Vault Suit

Getting a side quest near vending machines.
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This specific outfit is tied to completing one side mission called The Crimson Moon. This mission will only appear once you’ve gotten to chapter 3 and finished the Observation Deck quest. You can accept it by answering the phone near the Construction Labyrinth on the map. The mission will have you travel to three different locations to get lunar readings on the blood moon for KK’s old friend named Ed with an Observation Device you collect from a nearby locker.

From here, all you need to do is go to the three marked spots on your map, climb up to the top of them, and point your new tool up to gather data on the moon. Getting to the top can be a bit of a puzzle, but if you have the grapple ability it will be much easier. In either case, it won’t take you long to get all three scans. Once you do, head back to where you picked up the quest and call Ed back. After a small exchange, you will complete the mission, and the new Fallout 4 Vault suit will automatically be placed in your inventory. Just go to the Completed Outfits section of your menu and equip it to start rocking that classic Fallout fashion. You also get to keep the Observation Device, if you feel like wearing that as well.

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This is the only Power Armor in Fallout 4 that even a base-level player can wear right off the bat. While that's great, it does mean it's the weakest option out there. The best stats you can get with it are 500 damage resistance, 250 energy resistance, and 1,050 radiation resistance for a total rating of 1,800. It's great for the early game if you can snag one, but is quickly outclassed by everything else on this list. A guaranteed spawn for this armor is in the cave right beside Skylanes Flight 1665 on your map.
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It can be a little hard to keep track of the series' timeline if you aren't listening to every holotape in every game and keeping your own log of events. On top of the best Fallout games, we now have to consider where the new Fallout TV show fits in the timeline. We aren't going to get into every timeline detail here (the series' lore is surprisingly deep and detailed) but we will let you know exactly what year every mainline titles takes place in and how you can play them in order.
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How to hack in Fallout 4
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No matter what perks or skills your character has in Fallout 4, hacking will always come down to your ability as a player. There's no way to cheat the system here, and if you don't grasp what the game is asking you to do, you're mostly out of luck. Terminals will hide great loot behind their cryptic puzzles, as well as allow you to take over certain controls to turn your enemy's security against them. Some have very interesting logs about certain characters or events for all you lore junkies out there. Hacking has tons of uses, so let's brush up on your computer skills and give you a refresher on how to hack in Fallout 4.
How to hack in Fallout 4
When you first interact with a terminal to hack in Fallout 4, it will be a little overwhelming. As long as you have a high enough hacking skill to attempt a hack, you can go right into the minigame.

The basic idea of hacking is to find words hidden in that jumble of letters and symbols. Your goal is to find the correct word to crack the terminal before you run out of attempts. Once you find any word and select it, the terminal will tell you how close that word is to the correct one based on how many letters it has in the same space as the answer in the form of a likeness rating. The higher the rating, the more letters it has in common. It is somewhat similar to Wordle, only you don't type in the words yourself.

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