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How to complete the Cursed Tomb quest in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy is full of mysteries, secrets, and treasures. The giant open world is littered with places to find and side objectives to complete, including the dangerous dungeons and tombs. Among all these optional areas, the Cursed Tomb quest, and especially the puzzle inside of it, has all manner of witch and wizard stumped on how to proceed. Not to worry, we won't let your name be etched on this tomb -- just follow our guide on how to complete the Cursed Tomb in Hogwarts Legacy.




30 minutes

What You Need

  • Complete The Helm of the Urkot quest

  • Alohomora level 3

  • Reach level 24 or higher

A wizard outside a tomb.
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How to start the Cursed Tomb quest

After you have completed The Helm of the Urkot main quest, upgraded your Alohomora spell to level 3, and reached level 24 or higher, you can finally take on the Cursed Tomb quest.

Step 1: On the world map, fast travel to the Manor Cape Floo Flame and find the quest icon just to the northeast.

Step 2: This will lead you to an old and broken manor.

Step 3: Go into the basement by unlocking the level 3 door.

Step 4: Proceed inside until you're attacked by a group of Inferi.

Step 5: Defeat the enemies and continue until you find the treasure chest with a map.

A map fragment with a clue to a puzzle.
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Where to find the Cursed Tomb of Treachery

Like most maps you get in the game, you're not given a lot to go on in terms of finding the location where it's trying to send you.

Step 1: Open your map and go to the Poidsear Coast region.

Step 2: Find the Tomb of Treachery Floo Flame and either fast travel there if you've unlocked it, or go to the closest location you have unlocked and make your way there.

Step 3: Enter the tomb and head forward until you find an empty coffin.

Step 4: Turn left and burn your way past a big spider web leading into a tunnel.

Step 5: Defeat a couple spiders outside the door.

How to open the butterfly door

With the spiders gone, you will now be faced with a door that is shut tight. Here's how to pry it open and continue on your quest.

Step 1: Cast Incendio on the butterfly stuck in the spiderweb to the left of the door.

Step 2: Cast Lumos to lead the freed butterfly to the door.

Step 3: Use Lumos to lead the other butterfly in the room to the door.

Step 4: The reach the final butterfly, cast Incendio on the crate covered in webs to free it and move it over to the wall as a platform to climb over.

Step 5: Cast Lumos once more to lead the butterfly to the door.

A wizard shooting a spell at a tile.
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How to solve the floor puzzle

After one more combat encounter, the Cursed Tomb's final, and most difficult, challenge awaits. Here's how to solve this tricky tile puzzle.

Step 1: Cast Revelio to highlight the set of stones in the center of the room.

Step 2: From the angle you look at them when you stand to the right of the entrance, use Flippendo on the stones on the bottom-left, bottom-right, and top-middle. The order in which you do this doesn't matter.

Step 3: This will make the symbols on the stones match that of the map you got. Once done correctly, a treasure chest will appear.

Step 4: Gather your well-deserved loot and the quest will be completed.

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