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March ID@Xbox steam: Start time, where to watch, and what to expect

On March 26, Microsoft will stage another online Xbox event. New trailers and gameplay clips from previously announced titles are on the cards, with dozens of new titles and Xbox Game Pass additions set to be revealed as well. Here’s how to watch the latest ID@Xbox indie showcase event, what to expect, as well as what not to expect from the hyped-up show.

How to watch the March ID@Xbox event

Announcing the /twitchgaming Showcase: ID@Xbox

The March Xbox event is scheduled to take place on the morning of Friday, March 26 at 9 a.m. PT. As for where you can watch the show, the Xbox showcase will broadcast exclusively on Twitch. You can catch it on both the platform’s official TwitchGaming channel and the official Xbox channel as well.

If you’re in the Xbox ecosystem already, you’ll likely find a direct link to the show on your Xbox dashboard.

What to expect from the March ID@Xbox event

The Twitch gaming Showcase: ID@Xbox event namely centers around the ID@Xbox program, which highlights independent developers on the Xbox platform.

New trailers and gameplay footage for more than 25 previously announced titles like S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2, The Ascent, Second Extinction, The Wild at Heart, Voidtrain, and Exo One are confirmed, with new game announcements and new Xbox Game Pass additions set to bump the number of games shown during the event to “more than 100.”

New title announcements are set to come from publishers like DrinkBox, Curve Digital, Devolver Digital, Dear Villagers, and more. Throughout the event, popular Twitch streamers will also conduct developer interviews, front questions posted by fans, and even drop game codes for viewers to hastily redeem.

What not to expect from the March ID@Xbox event

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Following the Elden Ring trailer leak last month, word quickly spread that the full reveal was scheduled for a then-unannounced Xbox livestream set for March 23. Although the date wasn’t far off, Microsoft has since clarified that Elden Ring will not be shown during the stream.

Microsoft has been straight-faced about what we can expect. The event centers around the ID@Xbox program, which often highlights independent developers. That means AAA titles from Microsoft-owned studios will likely skip the event entirely.

In fact, the general manager of Xbox games marketing, Aaron Greenberg, quashed expectations late last month saying  “There are always things we have in the works, but nothing coming soon that would feature game announcements or world premieres like this.”

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