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Gear up with new powers when ‘Injustice 2’ launches next year

The DC cinematic universe may have suffered a misstep with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but in video game form, Batman and Superman battled it out to critical acclaim in 2013’s Injustice: Gods Among Us. Rumors and a leaked poster yesterday made a sequel inevitable, and ahead of E3, NetherRealm Studios has made it official: Injustice 2 arrives next year.

The trailer, which is appropriately dark given the tone of the original game, sees Superman facing off with The Flash. After slamming The Flash against the ground, he throws him through a concrete wall, at which point his opponent uses his speed to get the upper hand and hit Superman with several punches to the dome. Batman quickly enters the scene, temporarily dispatching The Flash as the fight turns into an all-out brawl.

“We strive to give players a level of control that makes playing our games a truly personal experience,” says NetherRealm community specialist Tyler Lansdown. “For that reason, we have introduced a brand new Gear System, allowing players to build their own version of Superman, their Batman, and ultimately, their Injustice Universe.”

As you can see in the trailer, this can take the form of supercharged, glowing armor for Batman, but these change won’t be purely cosmetic. Changing your characters’ gear will drastically alter how they fight.

“A few play sessions in, you can expect your Aquaman to look and play different than anyone else’s Aquaman you may come across,” Lansdown adds, although we question the idea that anyone is ever going to pick Aquaman in this game.

Injustice 2 is currently planned for a 2017 release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. If you have the Injustice: Gods Among Us mobile game, you can unlock new versions of Batman and Superman right now.

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