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Islands of Insight is Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom meets The Witness

Behaviour Interactive is publishing a unique new puzzle game called Islands of Insight. Revealed during today’s PC Gaming Show, the title is an open-world puzzler that looks like a multiplayer spin on The Witness.

Islands of Insight | Reveal Trailer

In Islands of Insight, players are dropped onto a detailed series of sky islands (not so dissimilar to The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom) that can be freely explored. The environment is dotted with various puzzles that can be solved on the fly. What’s unique, though, is that it’s a server-based game where multiple players are in the world at the same time and they can collaborate to solve puzzles.

While the trailer shown at today’s PC Gaming Show only teased the project, I saw around 20 minutes of gameplay during a hands-off session at this year’s Summer Game Fest. During that time, I’d see a variety of puzzle types that can be found around the island. Some are more traditional, like a series of grid-based number puzzles that can be found in boxes floating around. Others appear in the world more naturally. One puzzle had the demo player trying to find six relics hidden around a small area and another had him trying to find a spot that would let him see two cubes and match them together with his cursor.

An island full of puzzles appears in Islands of Insight.
Behaviour Interactive

It has the same fluid puzzling of The Witness, but with a bit more exploration. For instance, players have a glide ability that lets them fly between islands.

Behaviour is keeping many details under wraps for now, including how exactly collaboration works and how many players can be in a server at the same time. The game will also feature a proper campaign, though the publisher isn’t ready to reveal what that entails just yet.

Islands of Insight will launch on PC, though it doesn’t have a release window yet. Players can currently put it on their wish list on Steam.

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