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Knights of the Old Republic is getting a PS5 remake

A remake of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, the critically-acclaimed Star Wars RPG, was announced at Sony’s PlayStation September Showcase. The remake reveal did not share much information besides that it is being worked on by Aspyr and Lucasfilm Games.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake - PlayStation Showcase 2021 Trailer | PS5

Knights of the Old Republic was originally released back in 2003 for Xbox and PC. However, it did eventually get released on Linux, MacOS, iPhone/iPad, and Android years later. This will be the first time that this RPG will be available on a PlayStation console. It is unclear at the moment if this remake will only be available on the PS5 or if it will launch on the Xbox family of consoles and for PCs.

The story takes place thousands of years before the Skywalker saga found in the movies. The game pits a newly-awakened Jedi against the Sith Empire. Players gather a whole host of party members, form relationships with them, and take them into battle. Player choice is a heavy focus, as player decisions can radically alter the ending.

The interesting takeaway from this trailer is that the remake is being worked on by Lucasfilm Games and Aspyr. The former is no surprise because, of course, Lucasfilm Games will have its hands on a Star Wars product. However, Aspyr working on the game may have some people scratching their heads. The original game was developed by Bioware before they created their own IPs, such as the Mass Effect and the Dragon Age series. It seems that Bioware will not be involved with creating the remake but instead will be helmed by Aspyr.

The Austin, Texas, company is known for porting games to MacOS such as Sim City 4 and DOOM 3. Aspyr was the company that ported Knights of the Old Republic to MacOS, so it is quite familiar with the game itself.

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