Leap tall buildings in January’s PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection freebies

InFamous First Light screenshot 3

The next set of Instant Game Collection freebies for PlayStation Plus subscribers in January 2015 include the super-powered action of inFamous: First Light and Prototype 2, along with a few revitalized classics and indie treats.The upcoming round of complimentary games was announced in a video on the PlayStation Facebook feed.

PlayStation 4 owners can grab inFamous: First Light, the standalone prequel to inFamous: Second Son from Sucker Punch Productions. This action game casts you as Fetch, a supporting character from Second Son who possesses the power to manipulate high-energy neon. PS4 gamers can also grab The Swapper, a clever puzzle platformer from Facepalm Games. Puzzles in this atmospheric, sci-fi game revolve around using a device that clones the protagonist up to four times to manipulate the environment.

For PlayStation 3, the selection includes another third-person superhero action game, the darker Prototype 2This sequel casts you as a mighty mutant on a quest to kill the first game’s protagonist, as revenge for losing your family to a viral outbreak that has connections to the manifestation of superpowers. Also featuring high-flying leaps for PS3 owners, Duck Tales Remastered is a 2013 remake of the beloved 1989 platformer for the original Nintendo console.

The classic Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition is coming to PS Vita, including an enhanced version of the original 1996 shooter along with three expansions and a multiplayer mode. Also headed to Vita is Woah Dave!, a fast-paced, lo-fi action game reminiscent of 80’s arcade titles but with modern flourishes.

All of these games will be available for free download to any PlayStation Plus subscriber for the month of January 2015.