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Fortnite adds LeBron James and his signature shoes

Just when you thought Fortnite couldn’t add any more superstars, Epic Games decides to add one of basketball’s largest icons, LeBron “The King” James.  LeBron is joining the item shop for the newest season of the hit battle royale in two days on July 14, along with his upcoming shoe: the Nike LeBron 19.

The King Has Arrived: LeBron James Joins Fortnite’s Icon Series

Fortnite has recently become more well-known for its character inclusions than its actual battle royale gameplay. Through its icon series of skins, the battle royale juggernaut has added real-life gaming, music, movie, and sports stars. These skins include Ninja, Travis Scott, Major Lazer, and now LeBron.

Lebron James in Fortnite with all of his costume variants.

James will come with three variations of his new shoes, as well as many different outfits and bling that show off his title of King. Players can also grab new costumes that coincide with his upcoming film, Space Jam: A New Legacy.

One outfit included in LeBron’s icon pack is focused on his pre-game persona, placing him in a collared shirt with a hoodie and blazer on as outerwear. The other pulls him right out of Space Jam featuring his new Tune Squad jersey. There’s also a Taco Tuesday variant pack, complete with a taco shirt and matching backpack. Each costume features optional sunglasses.

His kingly equipment includes a lion pickaxe, wingspan glider, his dance “The Silencer,” and a floating crown. Each of these outfits comes included with the new loading screen featuring the King himself.

LeBron James will be making his way from the court to your copy of Fortnite in two days on July 14.

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