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How to unlock the Holiday Boxy outfit in Lego Fortnite

You can count on basically every big online game to have some sort of holiday event going on. Despite Lego Fortnite only just releasing this month, it is still getting in on the holiday fun at least a little bit. There are no major additions, modes, or special events, however, you can get yourself a cool new Holiday Boxy outfit for your character. While free and easy to get, it does take some time and commitment. Since you’ve been so good all year long, we’ll fill you in on how to get the Holiday Boxy outfit before it disappears.

How to get the Holiday Boxy outfit

A lego character wearing presents.
Epic Games

This festive outfit is part of the Winterfest event Epic Games is hosting in Fortnite. Because it’s primarily focused on that game, not just Lego Fortnite, this skin can be used in both games, like most others. Don’t worry, you don’t have to do any Fortnite challenges to unlock it if you aren’t a fan of that game. To unlock Holiday Boxy, all you need to do is launch Fortnite and go into the Quest menu. Navigate to the Daily Gifts section and look through the list of available gifts to claim the Holiday Boxy outfit. New gifts are added each day regardless of whether or not you log in every single day. The only restriction is that you must log in and claim this reward during Winterfest 2023, which will end on January 2, 2024. So long as you log in once before then, you are able to claim all the free gifts.

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