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Where to get the Skyrest Bridge Key in Lords of the Fallen

Throughout your long and perilous journey through Lords of the Fallen‘s world, you’ll often encounter doors that require keys to open, and some of them will provide extremely helpful shortcuts linking important areas together. Such is the case with the Skyrest Bridge Key, which can be obtained very early in your adventure after arriving at the game’s central hub of Skyrest and setting off to Pilgrim’s Perch. Getting to it will take a bit of time and effort, but it’ll be worth the trip. We’ll tell you how to get it below.

Where to get the Skyrest Bridge Key

After making your way through the opening section of Pilgrim’s Perch, you’ll stumble upon the Sanctuary vestige. However, instead of continuing up the nearby ladder to the next section of the game, leave back out the way you came. Take an immediate right and roll through the boxes here, defeat any enemies in your way, and then take the ladder at the end of this path.

After descending a few ladders, you’ll find an enemy waiting for you to the right, so make sure to take them out before continuing. This area is very tight, so proceed through it slowly and take out foes hiding behind the numerous boxes in your way. Eventually, you’ll come across multiple hanging pallets you’ll need to jump to and from to continue forward, eventually jumping to a broken wooden ramp.

Pallets hanging from Pilgrim's Perch
CI Games

Continue forward and climb the ladder at the end of this section. As you proceed through this linear area (remaining vigilant about taking out enemies hiding in wait), you’ll finally come to a dead end with an elevator. If the elevator is not waiting for you, pull the lever here to lower it to you, then take it up to the landing above.

A lever in Pilgrim's Perch
CI Games

Go around the fountain here and down some spiral stairs. After walking a bit further, take a right across a covered bridge. When you reach the end, pull out your Umbral Lamp to spot a pathway to the right. Do not rift to the Umbral Realm entirely – instead, just hold up your lamp to walk across the path about halfway, then drop to the platform with a glowing item below.

An Umbral walkway at Skyrest Bridge
CI Games

At the bottom, go ahead and rift to the Umbral Realm and cross another pathway. You’ll soon reach a point where you can continue up some stairs or take a left across another bridge (only visible in the Umbral Realm). Go left to see a spot on a small platform that you can soulflay. Doing so will cause it to drop the Skyrest Bridge Key.

Skyrest Bridge Key location in Lords of the Fallen
CI Games

By going forward a bit more and then immediately taking a left to pass over some rubble, you can find the first of multiple doors on which to use your new Skyrest Bridge Key.

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