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Praise the dark lord, Metal: Hellsinger adds official mod support

First-person shooter rhythm game Metal: Hellsinger has received official mod support, allowing players to decimate demons to any music genre on the PC version. With this, players can utilize a free modding tool called FMOD Studio to add many songs to the game, offering endless replay value.

Modding has always found its way into music-rhythm games, but it’s unusual for a developer to integrate official support for custom songs. The team released a cheeky video showcasing the game in action, but with an upbeat jazz track instead of a face-melting metal song.

Metal: Hellsinger - Modding Update

You don’t even need to own a copy of the game to utilize mod support — the free demo, which features one of the game’s earlier stages, supports mods, as well.

As explained in the modding tutorial video, not all songs work with the modding tool. It’s advised to pick tracks that have consistent BPMs (beats per minute), just like during the game’s official songs. Tracks with inconsistent BPMs will make it much harder to shoot at a steady rate (sorry, progressive metal fans).

Metal: Hellsinger plays a lot like Doom, with fast-paced FPS action at the forefront. However, the main soundtrack is comprised of metal tracks featuring famous artists such as Randy Blythe from Lamb of God, Tatiana Shmailyuk from Jinjer, and Serj Tankian from System of a Down. You must shoot your enemies to the beat of each song, and the more precise you are, the higher your score.

You can play Metal: Hellsinger on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC now.

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