A million deaths are not enough: Destiny’s infamous loot cave is haunted now

million deaths enough destinys loot cave haunted now

Visitors to Destiny’s original loot cave, which was shut down in late September 2014, will now find a pile of bodies and a ghostly reminder of the short-lived exploit. On approaching the corpse pile, Guardians are prompted to “disturb the remains.” Doing so will summon a ghostly voice that intones “a million deaths are not enough for Master Rahool.” The message alludes to the Cryptarch who decodes engrams for players, which were harvested en masse at that spot before Bungie shut the cave down.

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The message is a cheeky tribute from the developers to the first of many paths of least resistance that the community will find and exploit in their ongoing quest to min-max the game. The original cave may be no more, but others have stepped up to take its place. The excellent Vault of Glass raid also points toward a more exciting endgame for Destiny than shooting down a corridor, with more raids coming down the pipe in future DLC.