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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak DLC: How to get Awegite

While the title of the series may make it seem pretty straightforward, there's actually much more to the Monster Hunting games than just hunting monsters. These are hunting RPGs, and the act of tackling some of the most massive, aggressive, and awe-inspiring beasts ever seen are certainly the core, but the things between the hunts are just as important. It's between hunts where you can craft new items to upgrade your hunter in meaningful ways so that you're able to actually stand a chance against the next bigger and badder monster.



Aside from carving materials from the corpses of your fallen prey, mining ores is a component vital to improving your weapons in particular. Awegite is a brand new ore that is only found in the new Sunbreak areas. However, unlike monsters, you won't really get a lot of clues as to where to find the spots you can actually mine this rare resource from. If you're stuck trying to find where to find Awegite or want to know what it can be used for in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, we'll lead the way.

Where to find Awegite

This new ore needs to be mined from specific outcrops in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Here's where you can find it and how to spot it.

Step 1: Go to the Shrine Ruins area in Master Rank.

Step 2: Locate the white or blue mining outcrops on the map. There are 11 of these outcrops to mine.

Step 3: Like drop rates, there's no guarantee that any or all of these mining spots will give you Awegite, but hitting all of them will give you a good chance.

Step 4: To boost your chances, you can equip the level 3 Geologist skill in your Decorations to increase how many times you can mine a single ore deposit.

What is Awegite used for?

Awegite is a necessary upgrade for upgrading your Kamura weapons and armors. It can also be sold for a high price if you're low on funds but is better saved for crafting.

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