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All scorpion locations in No More Heroes 3

Travis Touchdown is an otaku through and through. From his anime posters and use of the word “moe” to his love of sushi, No More Heroes 3 makes no attempt to hide the fact that Japanese culture is at the heart of the experience. At the same time, logic isn’t something the series necessarily sticks to very strictly. Even the basic premise of the game is beyond the realms of possibility, but side quests also ride the line of realism in service of making a fun game. Justifying the reason Travis would go around collecting live scorpions, for example, doesn’t need a deep motivating factor.

Bugjirou, the owner of the ramen stand in Santa Destroy in No More Heroes 3, makes Travis’ favorite ramen. However, he can make what he describes as the ultimate bowl of ramen with some special ingredients. If Travis can track down all 20 scorpions, he can use them to make the Scorpion Death Ramen. There’s no way Travis can resist an offer like that, so we’ve scoured all of Santa Destroy and beyond to locate all 20 hidden scorpions in No More Heroes 3. 

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How to start the Scorpion Death Ramen mission

Travis preparing for his meal at a sushi stand.

Bugjirou’s ramen shop is conveniently located right across the street from Travis’ motel in No More Heroes 3. It will be marked by a green star icon on your map. After getting to chapter 2, talk with him to learn about the ultimate bowl of ramen and start the Scorpion Death Ramen side quest to get the details. Make sure you stop by after collecting the scorpions to turn them in for rewards as you go, not just at the very end.

Also, like the other collectible-based side quests in No More Heroes 3, getting and equipping the 80 Chip for your Death Glove will make things much easier. This chip makes a tone and vibrates the controller when any search object is nearby, including scorpions.

Santa Destroy scorpion locations

Your initial hub of Santa Destroy has six of our scorpions scuttling around.

The first scorpion on our list is just north of the Garbage Eliminator side mission on the map. Go up and into a little courtyard beside the building on the edge of the field where this critter patrols.

The next scorpion is where you would probably expect to find one in real life: The beach. Follow along the shore around halfway down from the peer, and keep your eyes and ears peeled for this scorpion roaming around in the sand.

This third scorpion is to the southeast end of the map, right by the toilet mini-game and south of the defense mission in the nearby park area. It will be in the clearing with the globe statue surrounded by rows of hedges.

Number four is way up north, just past the highest defense mission icon on your map. Dive along to where the road bends around at the very northwest point and turn around. There’s a brick building on the corner beside some vacant space that this guy has claimed as his home.

The fifth scorpion isn’t too far south of the previous one. Head to the stadium, and circle down to the south side parking lot. Enter between the cones next to the blue storage container to snag this fella.

Last stop in the Santa Destroy region is all the way down to the very extreme south of the map, in the bottom of the two beige lots on the map. Look near the north corner of this big, empty lot for the scorpion hanging around some tall grass.

Perfect World scorpion locations

The next six scorpions have taken up residence in the Perfect World part of the map.

You will encounter the first one along the southern coast, right around the middle of the long stretch of road. Look for the gate made of bricks on the east side of the street where this little guy is acting as the guard.

Number two on the list is at the far, far southwest tip of Perfect World. Just drive down until the road ends in a cul-de-sac, and you will see him scuttling around in the middle of the circle.

This next one is conveniently close to the DonMai sushi shop near the middle of the map. It’s by a fountain south from the save point and west of the sushi stand, kind of near the benches.

From the previous scorpion, go directly to the northwest point of the map, all the way to where the map meets the ocean. It’s making its rounds near the abandoned scaffolding and junk lying on the ground.

Looking at the Defense Mission icon that’s further to the northeast, go to the parking lot with the mission indicator and go to the opposite side as the trigger. The scorpion is hanging around the empty spaces.

Now at the southwest point of the map, again where the map meets the ocean, is a dock full of storage containers. Head through the crates to where you can see the water, and pick up this little guy while you’re at it.

Thunderdome scorpion locations

Travis holding up a silver scorpion.

Only four scorpions have made it to the Thunderdome, so let’s grab them.

Starting to the north and working our way down, the first one is up in the dome area itself on the streets. As you’re approaching the main doors, right by the toilet save point, this scorpion is on the right side of the road, near the blockades preventing you from going any further east.

On the sandy stretch of land before the Thunderdome, on the northwest side, is a tiny path leading to the beach. Just before this, to the northwest of the Defense Mission and east of the Coast Guard Mission, is this scorpion’s roaming grounds.

This time going almost straight east from the Defense Mission, the next critter is just a bit to the northeast of the DonMai Sushi stand, scuttling around in the sand.

The last one is way down south, close to where you first arrive in the Thunderdome. Take an immediate right, heading east, and look right below the pickax symbol for the WESN Mining Volunteer mission. It’s hanging around in this empty patch of land.

Call of Battle scorpion locations

The final four scorpions are waiting in Call of Battle.

Our first scorpion is waiting far off on the east side of the map. Go all the way down to the Alien T-Shirt icon on the map, and look just a bit east of it, but not so far as the save point. It’s blending into the rocks along the shore.

From there, follow the north wall east until you’re lined up south of the Garbage Eliminator mission icon, but still at the upper edge of the beach. This scorpion is on a slightly raised bit of land with some light grass on it.

Now onto the road. Follow the street that goes the farthest south, bending a bit to the east at the end facing the ocean. At the dead end, hop off your bike, and snag this scorpion chilling on the pavement.

Last but not least, head off the road where you found the last scorpion and onto the beach. Go straight south to the coast, and then just a little bit west. You can see it looking west from the Designated Battle point on the beach.

Every scorpion reward

Each of the 20 scorpions you collect will grant you a reward of some Uc, WESN, and a rare material of some sort. Here’s what you get for each scorpion you turn in based on their color:

Gold: 800 Uc, 800 WESN, and an alligator scale.

Rainbow: 100 Uc, 900 WESN, a brown bear gallbladder, and cross big CS shirt.

Silver: 500 Uc, 600 WESN, and one chicken feather.

Black: 100 Uc, 200 WESN, and a coconut.

Tropical: 300 Uc, 500 WESN, and one shedded snakeskin.

Finally, for collecting each and every scorpion, you will get 3,000 Uc, 1,000 WESN, a taxidermy Chupacabra, and the Never Quit CS shirt.

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