Peter Molyneux reveals release date for ‘fascinating’ Curiosity


Peter Molyneux’s brain must be constantly churning with wildly high-concept game design ideas. At times those ideas are built into brilliant, classic games like Populous and Dungeon Keeper, while at other times Molyneux’s ideas can overreach both his abilities as a designer and modern technology. Still, whether his ideas work out or not, the man’s thought process is infinitely entertaining as long as you know ahead of time to take a large grain of salt alongside every promise Molyneux makes about his latest revolutionary game.

Speaking of promises about revolutionary new games, Molyneux took to Twitter this morning to announce the release date for his latest project, the mysterious, aptly-titled Curiosity:

Curiosity will be out on 7th November 2012 at 00:22PST 08:22UST. The development has been a fascinating ride,release will be 10x fascinating

Though we warned you to be skeptical of Molyneux’s promises, he’s rarely wrong about near-term release dates, so we feel pretty safe in saying that Curiosity will debut on November 7. Presumably that “08:22UST” should actually be “08:22UT,” but otherwise that all seems like pretty standard information. Expect Curiosity to arrive at the appointed time.

With that established, we want you all to ready those salt cubes, as we’re about to describe what exactly Curiosity is. Keep in mind that we’re attempting to paraphrase Molyneux’s own claims about the game, and that it’s entirely possible that some or all of these features may not work as he has described.

In Curiosity, players are presented with a large black cube. Inside this black cube is something. Nobody knows what this something is. The only way to find out what it is is to chip away pieces of the cube until its contents are revealed. Interestingly, this is not a single-player game. Players all over the world will be presented with identical versions of the cube that are gradually torn apart as the pool of players goes about their quest to unearth the secret at the center of that big black box. 

Oh, and in keeping with modern DLC trends, Curiosity will allow wealthy players to get a leg up on the “competition.” Specificially, Curiosity includes an in-game shop where a player can buy a special pickaxe that will completely destroy the cube and immediately free its trapped contents. The privilege of instantly ruining the suspense of this game for other players? That’ll set you back about $80,000. Whether Molyneux and his development team at 22 Cans consider this a satirical comment on the current state of microtransactions in casual games is unknown, but we like to think that’s the point because this crazy-expensive pickaxe is a hilarious addition.

If any of the above piqued your interest, we hope you’ve got an iPhone or iPad handy. At launch Curiosity will be available exclusively on iOS, though given the relatively simple inputs this game requires and its online components, we wouldn’t be shocked to see it appear on consoles and computers at some point in the future if excavating monolithic boxes proves a hit among gamers.


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