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All phone riddle solutions in Lies of P

If you were born in the last two decades or so, the concept of a phone booth is probably as mystical and mysterious as the living puppets in Lies of P. Unlike the latter, the former actually did exist in the real world and does so here in Krat as well. Picking up the phone when you hear it will connect you to the mysterious King of Riddles who, you guessed it, has a series of brainteasers to test your problem-solving skills. During the course of the game, you can find five opportunities to interact with these booths and attempt to solve the riddles, and they are more than worth your time since a correct answer will reward you with a valuable Trinity Key. These are required to pass through Trinity Doors, which can contain valuable loot and costumes. If you’re stumped on any of these riddles, here are all the answers in Lies of P.

All King of Riddle solutions

A riddle with two answers to pick from in Lies of P.

Riddle 1

The first phone appears in Chapter 2 by the bridge that takes you to the Workshop Union from the Krat City Hall Courtyard. Here’s the riddle:

“By morning, it walks on feet numbering four. At midday just two, no less and no more. It walks on three feet when evening arrives. And if you solve this, then I’ll know you’re alive.”

This is a very common riddle, but if you’ve never heard it, the answer is Human, not Monster.

Riddle 2

The next riddle is in Chapter 5 in the Malum District where the large bonfire burns in the courtyard. Here’s the question posed to you:

“I stand tall and proud when I’m young and bold. But I’m short and humble once I’ve gotten old. What am I?”

Between the answers of Candle and Boa Constrictor who finished digesting, the correct answer is Candle.

Riddle 3

In Chapter 7, the next phone booth is on your critical path going through the Grand Exhibition. Here’s the question.

“Think about this, whatever it takes: what cannot be used before it breaks?”

The answer this time is Egg, not Glass.

Riddle 4

Moving ahead to Chapter 9, simply head forward from the Krat Central Station Street stargazer until you hit a fork. The booth is on the left.

“This blue flower has many ways to take root. But only on man does it ever bear fruit.”

This is the oddest riddle, but the answer is Ergo, not a bruise.

Riddle 5

The final riddle is found soon after in Chapter 10, on the cliffs before you get to the boss fight in the Relic of Trismegistus. Here’s the final puzzle.

“This one is black and white, a no or a yes; is Geppetto’s creation a killer? Confess!”

Unlike the other riddles, either Yes or No will get you the key. You will either get the key outright or the King of Riddles’ Surprise Box, which has the key inside regardless.

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