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Best Buy flash sale discounts more than 60 PS5 games — from $10

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Whether you’ve just scored a PlayStation 5 from gaming deals or you’re looking to add more titles to your library, you shouldn’t miss Best Buy’s flash sale that has slashed the prices of more than 60 PS5 games. Don’t worry about building up a backlog, because we’re not sure when you’ll get another opportunity to purchase the video games included in this sale for this cheap. The discounted titles cover all genres, so there’s surely something that will catch your attention, but you’ll have to push through with the transaction immediately because we’re not sure how long these bargains will last.

What to buy in Best Buy’s PS5 games flash sale

The cheapest PlayStation 5 games in the flash sale are all available for just $10 each — Japanese criminal underworld RPG , which is originally $15; and golf simulator and choice-based narrative adventure , both originally $20. If you’re a fan of open-world games, you can rob banks and steal cars in , which is down to $20 from $40; go on the run as outlaws in , which is also down to $20 from $60.

For fans of the zombie genre, you’re in for a treat — continue Ellie’s story as she searches for revenge in for $21 instead of $40, attempt to survive a city that’s infested by the undead in for $49 instead of $60, and blast through hordes with your friends in for $37 instead of $90. You can also get one of the best PS5 exclusives in , a third-person shooter with roguelike elements that resets your progress and the layout of each level whenever you die, for $46 from $70, or purchase one of the hottest titles right now in , for $50 from $70.

This is just a glimpse of the PlayStation 5 games that you can get for cheap from Best Buy right now, so feel free to browse through the sale to check out all of the other deals. There’s no telling how much time remains on these offers though, especially for the more popular titles, so if you don’t want to miss out on the discounts from this PS5 games flash sale, you’ll need to decide quickly what you’re going to get and complete the purchase as soon as you can.

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