Rabbids Appisodes brings screaming “BWAAH” to iOS

Want your kids to sit down and be quiet for a few minutes? Want them to watch a bunch of cartoon creatures who refuse to do the same? Well, then you’re in luck: Rabbids Appisodes, a new way to watch your (kids’) favorite episodes of Rabbids Invasion, is now out on iOS.

For $5, Rabbids Appisodes currently includes seven interactive episodes, where “children will interact alongside the Rabbids on their crazy adventures.” It mixes mini-games and other interactivity into each episode, tasking kids with throwing eggs at the Rabbids, collecting stickers, and even screaming to fill up a “BWAAAH” meter … on second thought, maybe this won’t keep them quiet.

Much like Activision’s success with Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure and its subsequent sequels that have little to do with the purple dragon, Ubisoft’s Rabbids franchise has become a massive success with younger audiences, independently of the Rayman series from which it originated. Its Facebook page currently has over 1.3 million likes, roughly four times that of the page for the main Rayman series. On the Wii alone, Rabbids saw five installments, and another two games have already been released for 3DS. In that same time-frame, there have been two proper Rayman games released.

The Rabbids Invasion show began airing on Nickelodeon in 2013 — which Ubisoft says has been viewed more than 450 million times — and an “Interactive TV show” followed soon after for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 4. The series has also spawned a line of figures from McFarlane Toys, as well as whatever this plunger gun is.

Rabbids Appisodes was developed by Ubisoft Paris, the studio also responsible for 2012’s Wii U game Rabbids Land, as well as the recently-announced Ghost Recon: Wildlands. My fingers are crossed from some synchronized headshots in the next Rabbids game.

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