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Return to Monkey Island: How to find all six skulls and the secret on Monkey Island

At last, about halfway through the game, Guybrush has finally reached Monkey Island — almost. LeChuck's ship got you close, but you still have to walk along the ocean floor during the last stretch of the trip. Thankfully, you've not only got the map to the secret but the near superhuman ability to hold your breath for eight minutes at a time (Guybrush apparently isn't in his prime anymore). That's plenty to finally reach the shores of Monkey Island before falling into a watery grave.




25 minutes

What You Need

  • Reach Part 3 - Return to Monkey Island

Upon getting ashore on the titular island, it might seem like you have everything you need to just follow the map straight to the secret. However, this map isn't so much a map as a series of clues and steps leading you to the secret in a roundabout way. But before you do that, you will want to find the six skulls on the island now so you're prepared for a later puzzle. Here's how to find all the skulls and the secret in Return to Monkey Island.

Guybrush and his grandson on a bench.
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How to find all six skulls

Once you've reached dry land after your little stroll under the sea, you might be eager to crack open the map to the secret and go straight for it. Instead, be patient, and spend some time exploring Monkey Island to collect all six skulls first to make your life much easier. Here's how to grab them all.

Step 1: The first skull is on the beach just to the left of where you first come out of the ocean under a tree.

Guybrush on a beach.
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Step 2: Go to the right and take the path north to the jungle.

Step 3: Head west towards the other beach.

Step 4: On the far left corner, again under some trees, is another skull.

Step 5: Next, head up north to the cliffs. The skull will be on the bottom left edge.

Step 6: Now, go to the shipwreck. This skull is out in the open on the sand.

A skull on the beach.
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Step 7: At the giant monkey head on the east side, find this skull just outside the makeshift fence.

Guybrush asking if a skull is Murray.
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How to find the secret on Monkey Island

With all the skulls safely added to your inventory, it's time to locate that secret.

Step 1: Open LeChuck's treasure map.

A map of monkey island.
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Step 2: Find the red berry bush northwest of where you first washed up on Monkey Island.

Step 3: Follow the direction the stone monkey hand directs you in.

Step 4: Follow the path by the wooden chicken.

Step 5: Carefully sneak past the bees.

Step 6: Find the X!

Guybrush on the brink of death in the forest.
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Grabbing the shovel and getting ready to dig up the secret doesn't quite work out, however, and its up to you to help Guybrush through yet another sticky situation.

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