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Scorn: how to solve the act 1 egg puzzle

Scorn is an obtuse game in just about every sense of the word. Right from the start, you'll be thrown into a nightmarish world of disturbing icons, harsh landscapes, and a brutal sense of dread with no direction. To make matters worse, this alien environment is a nightmare to navigate easily. Nothing is recognizable, which makes the prospect of solving puzzles even more daunting.




10 minutes

What You Need

  • Reach the upper floor in act one

Right in the first act, Scorn will stop you with a massive door you need to open. Exploring will show you an upper level with a puzzle involving eggs, but what you're supposed to do, or how, is as cryptic as everything else in the game. To help you open this door and dive deeper into this eldritch landscape of twisted and macabre sights, here's a full guide on how to solve the egg puzzle in Scorn.

A player in Scorn sticks their arm in a lever.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

How to solve the egg puzzle

Once you've seen the door you're trying to open and have taken the lift up to the higher level, it's time to start tinkering with the alien technology to figure out what the heck you're even supposed to do.

Step 1: Interact with the control "panel" thing.

Step 2: Navigate the crane over and move the red egg to the top left slot by creating a path by shifting the other eggs out of the way.

Step 3: Exit the crane and interact with the central panel to activate the bigger crane.

Step 4: This will cause the egg to explode, creating more room on the grid.

Step 5: Return to the first panel.

Step 6: Once in place, repeat the same process with the central panel.

Step 7: This will release a creature from inside the egg.

Step 8: Follow it back down to the first room and interact with the console.

Step 9: The egg will be placed on a cart, which the console sends down the track.

Step 10: At this point, you have two choices.

Step 11: First, use the console at the center platform to open the track toward the big scooping device and harvest the hand from what remains.

Step 12: The other option is to send the cart all the way to the last station and use the crane to put the egg in the chair and activate the saw to release the creature inside.

Step 13: Either way, take the hand, or entire being, to the locked door and interact with the console to open it and continue your journey.

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