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How to fast travel in Sonic Frontiers

Sonic is, and always has been, about going fast. Whether it is in his 2D or 3D games, running as fast as possible through stages to reach the end as the blue blur has always been the goal. With Sonic Frontiers, our favorite hedgehog is placed in a series of open zones far larger than anything he's explored prior. While these areas are designed to be run through and explored initially, you may eventually just want to get where you're going without having to run there.

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20 minutes

What You Need

  • Get either the Elder Koco and/or Hermit Koco scroll

  • Locate the Elder Koco and/or Hermit Koco

As unintuitive as it might sound for a game about running, Sonic Frontiers does have a fast-travel system to let you skip across to various positions on the game's islands. This can help you finish off any lingering challenges or grab those last collectibles in a hurry. The thing is, this option isn't open to you right away, and there are specific requirements you need to meet before you can teleport yourself from place to place. Here's how you can unlock fast travel in Sonic Frontiers.

Sonic Frontiers landscape filled with ruins and flowers.

How to unlock fast travel in Sonic Frontiers

While not overly difficult to unlock, fast travel in Sonic Frontiers does have a few steps that need to be followed. Here's what you need to do.

Step 1: Collect Purple Coins. There's no specific amount needed, but the more you have, the easier it will be.

Step 2: Locate the fishing spot on that island. There's one per island, and they are not marked on the map.

Step 3: Unlock the Portal and talk to Big the Cat to learn how to fish.

Step 4: Pay Purple Coins to do the fishing mini-game until you reel in either an Elder Koco or Hermit Koco scroll, or both.

Step 5: Exit the fishing zone.

Step 6: Open up the map and hit the right bumper until you highlight the Fast travel option.

Step 7: Select either the Elder or Hermic Koco's location, depending on which scroll you have and where you want to go, and confirm your choice.

Step 8: You will need to repeat this process for each of the game's islands to unlock fast travel on them.

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