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Meet Starfield’s version of R2-D2, a robot named Vasco

Bethesda’s open worlds can get lonely to explore, and considering that Starfield will have players explore an entire galaxy, that feeling might be worse. Companions offset that, and thanks to a new trailer for the game, we’ve been introduced to Vasco, one of the likely many friendly faces that players will trek the stars with.

Starfield: Meet Vasco

The caveat here is that Vasco doesn’t actually have a face. It’s a robotic companion that’s been in service to Constellation, the player character’s organization, for quite a while. Vasco was built as an expeditionary robot, meaning that he doesn’t have too many onboard weapons and is instead built for more industrious tasks. One clip in the trailer shows Vasco repairing a ship, though it’s unknown if players will have to do the same over the course of their star-bound adventures.

Vasco from Starfield looking into the camera.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Vasco does have some weapons, including what seems to be a laser in its camera and a gun built into its arm, though the trailer is explicit in saying it’s not a machine built for combat. Players will probably encounter much more threatening mechs than Vasco over the course of the game. Considering that Bethesda likes to throw a decent number of companions into its games players may even be able to recruit their own kill-bot. If the game borrows anything from Fallout 4, players may even be able to build their own bots from scratch.

Starfield is set to launch later this year, on November 11, but we still don’t know that much about it. Bethesda has kept details on the upcoming title close to its chest, though the studio has shared that the game will have an Oblivion-esque persuasion minigame.

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