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How to get all Medals in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

For many platformer fans, part of the appeal of the genre comes from the act of fully completing a game’s list of collectibles or secondary feats. Super Mario Bros. Wonder does an incredible job in this regard by including a vast array of hidden exits to discover, badges to unlock that can change the way you play, and even an entire secret world that offers a considerable increase in difficulty.

But if you’re a completionist, you’ll also want to pay attention to the game’s Medals, which appear on your save file card to indicate that you’ve fully completed certain goals in the game. If you’re curious about how to earn these six additional badges of honor, don’t fret — just read on for how to knock them all out.

Beat the game

Mario turning into Super Mario.
Nintendo / Nintendo

You’ll get a Medal for beating the game. This Medal should be the most reasonable to obtain, as you’ll simply need to reach the end of the game — meaning you won’t need to worry about full completion for this one. There’s still plenty of that to come for the rest of the Medals, though.

Collect every standee

Mario Wonder Standee

You’ll get a Medal for collecting all of the game’s standees. Standees can be placed nearly anywhere within levels and act as a revival spot for ghost players who touch them. There are 144 standees in total that can be purchased from Poplin Shops using flower coins, though the standee you receive will be random. Just keep paying up to eventually collect them all. If you’re tired of gambling on random draws, a Poplin shop in the Special World will allow you to spend 30 Flower Coins to assure you’ll get a new Standee.

Acquire every badge

Mario Wonder Badge

You’ll get a Medal for acquiring every Badge in the game. Badges can be equipped to grant your character a variety of unique abilities during a level. There are plenty of these to collect throughout your journey by completing certain challenges or purchasing them with flower coins. Check out our list of all badges and where to find them.

Earn every Wonder Seed

Course cleared in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

You’ll get a Medal for finding and collecting all of the Wonder Seeds in the game. These vibrant seeds can be obtained in multiple ways. You’ll gain one for reaching the end of each level, as well as an additional one for completing any Wonder Effects that you come across in the process.

Find every 10-flower coin

Flower Coin

You’ll get a Medal for collecting every 10-Flower Coin in the game. There are three of these giant purple coins in each level, and they’re occasionally pretty well hidden, so you’ll definitely have to do a bit of extra exploration to find them all.

Reach the top of every flagpole

Jumping to the flag in Super Mario Bros Wonder
Nintendo / Nintendo

You’ll get a Medal for grabbing the top of every flagpole in the game. There’s a flagpole found at the end of every level, and they’ll frequently have a unique or interesting way in which you’ll need to propel yourself high enough to reach the very top. If you don’t get it the first time, though, don’t worry about it too much, as you can replay levels as many times as you’d like.

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