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How to farm Kudosh in Two Point Campus

Two Point Campus is, at the end of the day, all about making a profit. Sure, you want to make the best university possible with the happiest students, but that's all in service of raking in the dough so that you can upgrade your facilities further and keep improving. While normal cash is what you will be spending on most things, Two Point Campus also brings in a second, much more valuable type of currency, just like its predecessor Two Point Hospital.



What You Need

  • Research Lab

Kudosh isn't something you're going to be gaining and spending all that often during the majority of your missions in Two Point Campus. This special form of cash is used to buy the most powerful upgrades that can seriously swing your students' happiness levels. You can never have too much Kudosh, especially in the later stages of the game where your student population has grown and more is being asked of you to keep them happy. If you need a lesson on how to farm some Kudosh in Two Point Campus, there's no enrollment fee for our guide.

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How to earn Kudosh

Before we get to the best ways to farm Kudosh, we need to know how to get this premium currency in Two Point Campus. Here are all the ways you can earn Kudosh naturally in the game:

  • Completing random objectives and events
  • Bookworms
  • Research Lab
  • Career Goals
  • End of Year Achievements
  • Completing Star Objectives

Step 1: Random objectives and events will pop up in your messages throughout the game. These are all optional and can cover just about anything from inspections to course events, but will reward you with both money and a small amount of Kudosh for completing them. It's not a ton, but worth keeping up with for a steady trickle of Kudosh.

Step 2: Bookworms will take their heads out of the ground on your campus from time to time. If you're fast on the draw and can click on one before it burrows back down again, there's a chance you will get some Kudosh for your efforts depending on the breed of Bookworm.

Step 3: Once you're far enough into the game to unlock the Research Lab, you will also start getting Commercial Projects whenever you're not actively researching anything. They require a teacher to staff them, but are a set-it-and-forget-it method for earning Kudosh. Just be aware of how long the projects last, as a 300-day one may not be worth it.

Step 4: Career Goals are basically milestones you're bound to hit sooner or later just by playing Two Point Campus. These can be earned by developing friendships, winning awards, and more. Each goal also has a tier, so the more you do a certain thing, the more Kudosh you will earn. The bronze level will get you 50, 75 for silver, and 100 for gold.

Step 5: Every school year ends with a little award show detailing how well you did and rewarding you with some End of Year Achievements. Unfortunately, there's no way to tell beforehand which, if any, award you're going to win, but assuming you're running a thriving and happy campus, you should be able to count on raking in a few awards each year. Each one you receive comes with 10 Kudosh.

Step 6: Every mission in Two Point Campus will come with one, two, and three Star Challenges. They are progressively more difficult but also grant higher payouts. Focus on these since you will earn a minimum of around 100 Kudosh for each one you finish.

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Best way to farm Kudosh

While there's no real way to exploit the systems of Two Point Campus to earn a ton of Kudosh right away, you can set yourself up to essentially grind out this currency with little to no effort. This will all depend on you having a very stable campus established with high happiness and grades right off the bat, as well as at least three Research Labs and high-level staff members to tackle Commercial Projects.

Step 1: Set up your Research Labs to work on as many high-payout projects as possible.

Step 2: Set the game speed to the maximum speed, but keep a very close eye on both your students' happiness levels and their grades.

Step 3: Slow time down whenever you need to set new Commercial Projects, but otherwise keep speeding through to the end of the year.

Step 4: Rake in your End of Year Achievements and repeat the process.

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