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Ubisoft+ is coming to Xbox, while Rainbow Six goes to Game Pass

Anyone playing on an Xbox console will soon be able to play all of Ubisoft’s games with yet another subscription service. Ubisoft announced today that it is bringing its own subscription service, Ubisoft+, to the Xbox platform.

The service, which has previously been exclusive to PC, won’t be joining Xbox Game Pass like EA Play; however, two Ubisoft titles, Rainbow Six Siege and Rainbow Six Extraction, will be added to Xbox’s streaming service.

We’re bringing Ubisoft+ to Xbox!! Expect more news in the future 👀

Until then, play Rainbow Six Extraction on Xbox Game Pass & PC Game Pass on launch day!

— Ubisoft (@Ubisoft) January 5, 2022

Ubisoft+ operates like any other publisher-specific game streaming service, giving users access to a library of games for one payment a month. In this case, users get access to over 100 of Ubisoft’s games, along with all of their respective expansions.

However, Xbox Game Pass users won’t have to subscribe to Ubisoft+ to play two games that are in one of the publisher’s biggest franchises. Both Rainbow Six Siege and the upcoming title Rainbow Six Extraction are heading to Game Pass.

Rainbow Six Extraction, which takes Siege‘s gameplay and turns it into a strategic PvE co-operative shooter, will be available for Game Pass subscribers on both console and PC when it releases on January 20. Rainbow Six Siege, likewise, will be available for Game Pass Ultimate and PC Game Pass subscribers on January 20. Siege is already available for regular Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

Xbox Game Pass isn’t the only streaming service getting Rainbow Six Extraction, though. At CES 2022, Nvidia announced that Rainbow Six Extraction would be coming to its own game streaming platform, GeForce Now, along with Battlefield 4 and Battlefield V.

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