Xbox 360 dashboard update expands cloud storage to 2GB

xbox 360 update doubles cloud storage 4 terabyte upgrade 970x0

Microsoft has released a system update for Xbox 360 consoles, giving players double the amount of cloud storage space for uploaded save games and other content.

The update expands Xbox 360 cloud storage from 1GB to 2GB, giving players more options regarding save data management on Microsoft’s last-generation console.

Microsoft’s Major Nelson notes that the increase in storage space will come in handy with the Xbox One’s next dashboard update, which will introduce backward compatibility for hundreds of supported Xbox 360 games. Players with existing save data on the Xbox 360 can resume their progress on the Xbox One in supported games by pulling saves from cloud storage.

The latest firmware update additionally allows users to connect to networks and wi-fi hotspots that require a Terms of Use agreement. These types of connections are commonly found at public locations like hotels, airports, and bus terminals. After installing the latest version of the Xbox 360’s Internet Explorer app, users can successfully navigate through Terms of Use agreements in order to establish an Internet connection.

This week’s update also eases the process involved in redeeming Xbox Live Marketplace codes sent through the Xbox 360’s messaging service. Players previously had to manually enter a 25-digit code upon receipt. Now, digital codes within messages can be automatically redeemed and attached to a user’s Xbox Live account.

After installing the update, Xbox 360 players will be able to see their friends’ status within Windows 10 and Xbox One games. The upgrade additionally brings the Xbox 360’s Activity Feed up to speed with its Xbox One equivalent, allowing players to share activities and view screenshots and captured gameplay footage.

Other recent improvements to the Xbox 360’s dashboard include increased visibility for user account balances and Groove Music integration for Microsoft Movies & TV content.

The firmware update is available as a free download for all Xbox 360 owners. Users will be prompted to update when the console connects to Xbox Live.