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Xbox One April update brings a slew of new video and streaming options

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Microsoft announced that the Xbox One April update is available to all users starting Tuesday, April 24. The April update includes a number of new audio and video features, user interface options, and other small changes.

Perhaps the biggest addition in the update is a new resolution option: 1440p, which can be used in both games and media apps on Xbox One X and Xbox One S. 1440p sits between 1080p HD and 4K (2160p). Microsoft has given developers the ability to add native 1440p resolution to their games when played on Xbox One X. And third-party media apps can add a 1440p setting for both Xbox One S and Xbox One X users.

You will also now see Auto Low-Latency Mode in video options. This addition notifies your TV when you enter a game and if your TV supports Auto Low-Latency Mode (for a lot of TVs, this is called “game mode”), it will trigger an icon on the screen telling you to switch. Additionally, if you have an AMD Radeon FreeSync-enabled display, you can now a toggle variable refresh rate which should help performance and reduce screen stuttering.

On the streaming side of things, Mixer has a new feature dubbed “Share Controller.” When streaming on Mixer on Xbox One, you can allow audience members to enter inputs and influence the game. This can either be done with a virtual controller in a web browser or with a physical controller on PC. Don’t worry, this neat but potentially troll-garnering option has to be turned on by the streamer. Microsoft has also made Mixer broadcasting more versatile by letting streams run anywhere on Xbox One. When switching games, your stream will no longer end, too. Instead, a holding screen will appear until you enter a new game or turn off the broadcast.

Despite these welcome new features, there is a biggie that’s noticeably missing. The new Xbox One avatars that were rumored to launch in April have not arrived, nor have they been made available to Xbox Insiders. Still, as recently leaked footage demonstrated, the avatars don’t seem to be too far away. Hopefully, we’ll see them in the next big update.

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