Xbox One may be getting a media remote soon

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A pre-order page for a previously unannounced Xbox One Media Remote appeared – and then quickly disappeared – on Amazon’s Canadian site, according to a post on Reddit that was later reported on by Engadget. The page had the remote priced at $24.99 Canadian ($22.76 in USD), with a release date of March 4.

xbox-one-media-remoteAlmost as quickly as the page went up it was removed, but thanks to the miracle of Google cache and the indefatigable resourcefulness of Reddit users, the post came to light. Microsoft has yet to officially confirm anything, which is its standard M.O. when things like this leak out.

Assuming the remote is a thing and not some elaborate hoax from someone with too much time on their hands (who probably just needs a hug), we may be looking at decidedly simple and sleek addition to the Xbox One. That makes a certain amount of sense, as Microsoft would probably still prefer you use the Kinect as much as possible. The remote would simply help to supplement the media experience, especially for those that aren’t all that keen to flail their arms in front of the TV to activate gesture commands, or who may not be the most comfortable with a controller. The remote would almost certainly work together with the Xbox One’s voice commands.

Again, assuming this is all true, March is shaping up to be a big month for Microsoft and the Xbox One. A pair of updates was recently unveiled for February and March, and a new headset adapter is also on the way.