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How to watch Microsoft’s Xbox Games Showcase

Watch Live! Xbox Games Showcase

Microsoft is preparing to hold another Xbox Series X showcase on July 23 that will be chock-full of new games and unannounced hardware. The event is officially called the Xbox Games Showcase.

Microsoft and Sony have been taking turns with big livestream reveals as they prepare to launch their next-generation consoles this holiday season. Microsoft kicked things off in May with an hourlong event that featured footage from Assassin’s Creed ValhallaYakuza: Like a Dragon, and Dirt 5, among others. Sony followed with a livestream last month that showcased a variety of PlayStation 5 games and a new PlayStation 5 Digital Edition console.

Microsoft is planning to hold its next event on July 23, and it may unveil both new games and a long-rumored Xbox Series S. Although Microsoft hasn’t made any announcements, the rumor mill is churning out predictions on a daily basis.

Below, we’ve compiled a collection of the rumors surrounding Microsoft’s next event, along with a guide on how to watch the show when it airs. And be sure to check back throughout the month as we update this page with more details.

When will the event be held?

The event will stream on Thursday, July 23. The show will kick off at 8 a.m. PT with a preshow and move to the main event at 9 a.m. PT.

How to watch the event stream

Last time around, Microsoft streamed its reveal event live on Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Mixer.

Here are all the platforms where you can watch the stream, according to Microsoft:

  • for a 1080p/60fps livestream and 4K/60fps VoD immediately after

The YouTube channel will support Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Castilian Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Polish, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, and Arabic translations.

Microsoft said it will air highlights right after the show, and that it will be available on demand shortly after it airs.

Will Xbox Series S make its debut?

Rumors have been swirling for weeks that Microsoft is planning a more budget-friendly next-generation console code-named Xbox Lockhart.

That device, which could be known as Xbox Series S at launch, will apparently have fewer features than the upcoming Xbox Series X but come at a more affordable price. It may also ditch discs, similar to the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition.

Microsoft hasn’t confirmed Lockhart exists, but considering references to it have leaked in Microsoft documentation and the Xbox Series X devkit, it’s likely in the works.

Whether the Xbox Series S will actually be at the event, however, is up in the air. Recent reports suggest Microsoft may push the announcement to August.

A look at the games

Microsoft confirmed that it will be debuting campaign gameplay footage of Halo Infinite during the event, and recent rumors suggest Fable 4 could also be announced. Earlier this week, some eagle-eyed observers noticed that Microsoft took over the Perfect Dark Twitter account, but hadn’t published any tweets. Could that also be in the works?

Also expect some new looks at the upcoming NBA2K21, FIFA 21, and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. A new development house called The Initiative, which was founded in 2018 by former designers on God of War and Uncharted games, has been working on a secret project that may also debut at the show.

Updated on July 16, 2020: Added streaming locations, languages, and Halo Infinite info.

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