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Where to find all Great Fairies in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The Great Fairies have been in most Zelda titles since the very beginning, so it should come as no surprise that they once again appear in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. These friendly spirits have offered many different types of aid to the hero of time in his adventures, such as teaching him new magic, upgrading his equipment, and unlocking new abilities. With the world of Hyrule now bigger than ever, the Great Fairies are more difficult to find than ever.

If you need help tracking down all the Great Fairies in Tears of the Kingdom and want to know what they do, we’ve got you covered.

What Great Fairies do

A great fairy leans over a small man.
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Just like in The Legend of Zelda:Breath of the Wild, each Great Fairy will allow you to upgrade a piece of armor. Every individual piece you have will come with an associated cost of both raw materials and Rupees. If you want to upgrade your armor more than once, not only will the costs go up, but you will need to visit a different Fairy to do it. So, if you want to bring any of your armor sets to max level, you will need to locate all four of them. The upside is that, again like the prior game, what order you visit the Fairies in doesn’t matter.

Where to find all Great Fairies

Finding a Great Fairy is only the first step in taking advantage of their services. Before you can access them, you will need to complete some sidequests, starting with “Potential Princess Sightings!”

Great Fairy Tera

A map to the Lucky Clover Gazzette.
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Head to the Lucky Clover Gazette located east of Lake Totori at coordinates -3251, 1772, 0118 and talk to Traysi under the stables. After chatting and getting the quest, you now need to go to the Woodland Stables at 1046, 1145, 0022 and speak to Penn to officially begin the “Serenade to a Great Fairy” quest.

Your first task of fixing the carriage is simple enough: just use your Ultrahand to attach some nearby wheels and call it a day. Next, you will need to get a horse and harness to attach to the carriage, which will require two Pony Points to get from the stable. When the carriage is all set, ride it along the path, taking the first two left turns directly to the Great Fairy’s flower-pod thing and let the musicians call her out with their music.

Great Fairy Kaysa

A map showing the great fairy location.
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Kaysa is located at the Outskirt Stable at coordinates 1404, -1266, 0032. This time, you need to find the flutist named Pyper. Cutting to the chase, she’s southeast of Lake Hylia at coordinates 0519, -3423, 0047, and she needs 10 Sunset Fireflies from you. Hand them over and then go to Haite at night to lead her back to the now glowing tree.

Once again, you need to help bring the entire band to the fairy. The road is blocked, so you need to build up a large cart to carry the wagon on and drive over the obstacle to the Great Fairy.

Great Fairy Cotera

A map showing the great fairy location.
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For Cotera, we’re heading down southwest of Necluda at the Dueling Peaks Stable, with the coordinates of 1757, -1957, 0010. From here, head south of Kakariko to find your musician friends once again, who are now looking for their drummer, Beetz. This will kick off the “Serenade to Cotera” quest.

To cut your search short, Beetz is located at the coordinates 2166, -1382, 0108 next to Lake Siela. Beetz is trying to make honey crepes, but lacks Courser Bee Honey to make them, leaving it to you to collect some. If you have some, hand it over, otherwise you will need to collect three honeycombs from around the map.

Now that he’s reunited with his band, your next task is to build a boat to take them across the river. Use the conveniently placed materials to make a raft large enough to carry them and their wagon, put a fan on it, and place everything aboard. Successfully ford the river to the island to the north to get another performance that summons Cotera from the flower.

Great Fairy Mija

A map showing the great fairy location.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Our last Great Fairy is in the chilly Snowfield Stable at coordinates -1630, 2587, 0234. This time, the musicians are looking for their horn player named Eustus. As usual, you can find him at -3658, 0760, 0117 deep in a hole.

Find him stuck inside and use your Ultrahand to help carry Eustus and his wagon up and out and meet up with the band back at the stables. You need to use a horse and harness once again to pull the carriage ahead, but make sure to add a roof to it first to keep the snow off them. Navigate to the final fountain to meet Mija.

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