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Bkool’s smart training bike brings outdoor workouts inside

Bkool, a company that has already established itself in cycling circles thanks to its training software and smart indoor trainers, has introduced a new high-tech exercise bike. Dubbed the Bkool Smart Bike, this product combines all of the years of experience and technology the company has acquired in developing in its previous models to create a fitness experience that promises to be unlike any other exercise bike currently on the market.

The Smart Bike leverages Bkool’s vast experience in using technology to help cyclists train more efficiently while indoors to improve their overall level of fitness. The internet-connected device pairs with the user’s smartphone to not only track workout performance but also offer controls over the bike’s settings.

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The Bkool Remote Control app for iOS and Android gives users the ability to manually set the resistance levels on the bike both before and during a workout. Bkool even ships the Smart Bike with a smartphone handlebar mount that essentially turns the app into a set of electronic shifters for use during the ride.

Of course, the Smart Bike is also compatible with Bkool’s Simulator software, which provides access to more than 3 million cycling routes from around the world. When connected to a smartphone, tablet, or computer, the software offers 3D graphics and video rides with the bike automatically changing its resistance to simulate the conditions that are being displayed on the screen, which can even include poor weather. The user can also tap into a wide variety of spin classes for a different type of workout complete with real-time stats being shown on the screen. Riders can even create their own custom workouts as well.

Bkool Smart Bike

Serious cyclists can even take part in a functional threshold power (FTP) test that determines the total watts of power they can put out over a given time. The FTP test is commonly used in cycling to get an assessment of a rider’s level of fitness. In this case, the bike will put the rider through a test lasting 5 to 20 minutes to obtain a snapshot of their current level of conditioning. From there, it can automatically create a workout and ramps up the level of difficult over time as the user’s fitness increases.

The Bkool Smart Bike is fairly heavy at just under 100 pounds, but the company says that provides it with a high degree of stability for intense workout sessions. The exercise bike also offers a high level of customizability in terms of the seat and handlebar settings, making it easier for riders to get comfortable. With a price tag of $1,250 it is also competitively priced with similar smart exercise bikes that don’t offer as many features.

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