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Garmin’s fitness wearables now support Deezer music streaming app

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After a long wait, Garmin and Deezer today announced the immediate availability of the Deezer app for Garmin’s music-compatible fitness watches and multi-sport devices. The streaming music app allows Deezer fans to sync their playlists to their fitness tracker for listening offline while they enjoy a quiet stroll around town or push themselves to set a new PR.

Support for Deezer was first announced for the Forerunner 645 Music, which was Garmin’s first wearable to include onboard music. The tracker hit retail shelves earlier this year and was well received. Music is Garmin’s theme in 2018. This highly requested feature landed on a handful of new devices including the D2 Delta series of aviator watches, the Fenix 5 Plus series of multisport watches, and the vívoactive 3 Music.

The new Deezer app allows users to sync more than 100 songs to their watch. These songs can be pulled from a variety of curated workout playlists or the user’s favorite playlists. The app also supports Deezer’s popular Flow personalized playlist. Flow learns what music you like and creates an always-changing playlist that pulls its selections from current songs, new releases, and old favorites.

The Deezer app can be downloaded from the Garmin Connect IQ store via the Garmin Express desktop app or the Garmin Connect mobile app on an Android or iOS device. Music is synced via Wi-Fi so the watch must be connected to a wireless network before the songs can be transferred to the device. Once the app is installed and Wi-Fi is enabled on the device, Garmin owners can open the media player to access the Deezer service and begin selecting their favorite tracks and playlists.

To entice people to listen to music on their watches, Garmin is offering three free months of Deezer Premium to its watch owners in the U.S. The premium service provides access to the streaming music service’s 53 million tracks, albums, and playlists. Users can create playlists of their favorite songs or browse through the channels to discover new music. Deezer Premium also includes ad-free listening and unlimited skips so users can dial in on the music they enjoy the most. Once the three-month trial is over, users can cancel their subscription or choose to keep the service for $10 per month.

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