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Standing desks are so 2017 — the Deskcise Pro is a biking desk

All in One Desk Bike: FlexiSpot Deskcise Pro
Standing desks are quickly becoming a thing of the past, which is to say, 2017. Making its debut at CES 2018 is the new FlexiSpot Deskcise Pro, a desk that doesn’t just get you on your feet, but has you working out while working.

The new biking desk brings together a height-adjustable desk with a stationary bike. You can theoretically sit, stand, or bike using the desk, although we can’t imagine sitting on a backless bicycle seat for hours on end would be particularly comfortable. That said, you can easily transition from biking to standing, and wave goodbye to your sedentary days at the home office. With eight levels of magnetic resistance settings, you can determine for yourself just how strenuous a workout you’re looking for.

While treadmill desks have been an option for some time, the new Deskcise Pro is said to be a more versatile and decidedly more portable option. Thanks to its four caster wheels that swivel 360 degrees, you can move this desk from room to room (something you can’t do quite as easily with a treadmill desk or even a more traditional standing desk). Despite the presence of these wheels, you won’t find yourself rolling all over the place while cycling. The Deskcise’s gravity sensor wheel locks will keep you in place once you’ve decided you’re where you need to stay.

Moreover, the exercise bike portion of the Deskcise is said to be amenable to workers of all heights – whether you’re just over five feet tall or over six feet tall, you should be able to adjust the pneumatic lever to move the seat up or down. In fact, the entire cycle desk is said to take just a minute to assemble. After all, you only need to attach the desktop to the bike, which can be done without the help of additional tools.

Of course, the most obvious drawback of working while biking is the discomfort factor. The Deskcise, however, claims to have solved this problem. The desktop moves back and forth with you as you pedal, so you’re not constantly pushing your laptop or notebook around the workstation. Bear in mind though that while the Deskcise claims an “extra-wide” desk, it’s certainly nowhere near as roomy as your traditional seated alternative (though it’s a lot more fun).

The FlexiSpot Deskcise Pro is available now from the company website and from Amazon for $500. And if you have a U.S. address, shipping is free.

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