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Vinyl Production Rebirth — Man-quality-checking-vinyl-record

Start the presses: How vinyl production was reinvented from the ground up

best kickstarter projects-Sensory-Percussion-Special-Edition-coconut-drum

Awesome tech you can’t buy yet: Programmable drums and self-making bedsheets

Apple Homepod

‘Me too!’ With the HomePod, Apple’s legacy of audio innovation is dead

android tv o

Here’s what Android TV will look like on Android O

Android TV, Google's software for the big screen, is getting a welcome visual overhaul when Android O rolls around later this year.
awesome tech you cant buy yet carvon tribotex wheel

Awesome tech you can’t buy yet: AWD electric skateboards and anti-surveillance shades

we pull back the curtain at sonos secret lab 07

Inside Sonos’ super secret lab where its sonic science is born

imax vr experience center opening los angeles centre 11

We tried IMAX VR, and it left us excited as hell (and weak in the knees)

Beyerdynamic Xelento remote in-ear headphones

Beyerdynamic Xelento remote audiophile in-ears: Our first take

Trusty sonic engineering from Beyerdynamic got our hearts pumping at CES this year, thanks to the new Xelento remote in-ear wired headphones.
pryma aria premium wireless headphones ces 2017 02

McIntosh Group’s new Pryma Aria headphones blend hi-fi with high fashion

After debuting the Sonus Faber Pryma headphones last year, McIntosh has now cut the cord for the cans with its new Pryma Aria headphones.
sony hi res nw wn1z walkman mdr z1r headphones tz zh1es amp ces 2017 sonyhighendaudio 06

Sony’s latest audiophile headphones, amplifier, and Walkman will make your ears weep

We checked out Sony's opulent new audiophile suite of products at CES 2017, including the gold-plated NW-WM1Z hi-res player.
exclusive tour of lgs manufacturing and assembly lines behind the scenes at lg electronics display

LG’s Korean headquarters is a real-life Wonka factory, and we got the golden ticket

awesome tech you cant buy yet heimplanet rokblock 121816

Awesome tech you can’t buy yet: Record-playing robots, a universe you can hold

Rumpl PUFFe-

Awesome tech you can’t buy yet: Origami microscopes, electric blankets to go, and more

Dolby Cinema

Dolby built the best movie theater on Earth, and we watched ‘Star Wars’ in it

these 89 airpods competitors are a bet on the power of branding aeroflux hero

These $89 AirPod competitors are a bet on the power of branding

Is clever branding enough to sell a competitor to Apple's AirPods from a company you've never heard of?
dt10 your next tv will pack more than just pixels the future of football with hololens

Your next TV will pack more than just additional pixels

awesome tech you cant buy yet spud chip stealth 110616

Awesome tech you can’t buy yet: Collapsible monitors, measuring spoons, and more

say yes elliott smith joe spadaro american laundromat interview heavenadoresyou elliottsmith2

‘Say Yes!’ Elliot Smith lives on in Joe Spadaro’s latest killer compilation

Say Yes: The Music of Elliott Smith is the latest in a long lineup of killer compilations from Joe Spadaro, who spoke to us about his basement operation.
montreux jazz festival digital archive news montreax heritage lab 2

Massive digital archiving project means these unique musical recordings will live forever

deal wireless iphone 7 headphones wont break bank press

As the iPhone’s headphone jack dies, Apple wins and you lose

As predicted, Apple just killed off the headphone jack in the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7S. Is it possible the company is thinking too far forward?
samsung says new quantum dots better than oled suhd tv dot display

Samsung claims its latest TV breakthrough outshines OLED, and it’s cheaper

comcast x1 rio olympics 6000 hours internet streams broadcast coverage

How Comcast plans to pipe 6,000 hours of Olympics coverage into your house

Comcast has revamped its X1 platform for the Rio Olympics to help deliver thousands of hours of extra coverage, from highlights to internet streams.
sonos retail store nyc sound view from front of

With 7 mini houses, the first Sonos store lets you hear as you would at home

Sonos' first ever retail store, in New York City, is designed to ensconce customers in rich sound, with miniature home-shaped listening rooms.
after show talk trend watch what happens  live feat

Where did all these after-show talk shows come from? And why do we love them?

Following in the footsteps of AMC and Chris Hardwick's "Talking" series, after-show talk shows for popular primetime dramas are being released in droves
inside samsungs new california audio lab samsung

To finally conquer speakers, Samsung built this secretive sonic skunkworks

game of thrones season six premiere hbo now piracy 6 5

HBO’s strategy for streaming domination just had a monster weekend


MovieSwap’s slippery streaming plan involves warehouses full of DVDs, and a loophole

MovieSwap is trying to build the largest online video library by collecting physical DVDs from subscribers and stream them in a legal cloud-based service.
exploring the dark themes of man in high castle thumb

Rave, Reich, and Roll: Exploring the dark themes in ‘The Man in the High Castle’

amazon the man in high castle subway ads 003

‘We’re not supposed to lose.’ The Man in the High Castle explores a defeated America

Joel de la Fuente on his role as Inspector Kido in the new Amazon Original Series, as well as his work on the video game, Homefront.
new apple tv strives for steve jobs ultimate vision comes up short so close  but far still steps away from

So close, but so far: New Apple TV is still steps away from Jobs’ ultimate vision

samsung gear s2 best smartwatch on the market galalxy fear ifa feature

The redeemer: Why the Gear S2 is the best Samsung product in years

top tech of ifa 2015 award winners best digital trends

Digital Trends Top Tech of IFA 2015 Award Winners

Sennheiser 3D Surround

Exclusive: Sennheiser’s new brain-tricking 3D sound is like replaying reality

We got an exclusive look at Sennheiser's innovative new 3D surround sound recording format in London, with Imogen Heap live on the stage.
Yamaha MusicCast

Yamaha MusicCast is like Sonos, but works with any source and any BT speaker

Yamaha today debuted an all-new multiroom audio system that incorporates all the features you'd expect from a Sonos-style setup, and much more.